Musashi VI

Musashi VI

Enemy Specs

Model: ■■■■
Production Type: ■■■■
Primary Use: ■■■■

Era of Manufacture: ■■■■

Intelligence Level: ■■■■

Profile 1: A light hand cannon on its left and a giant rocket launcher on its right, Musashi VI is a force to be reckoned with. The projectiles shot from the launcher can also draw enemies in.

Profile 2: The armor can be taken off for routine maintenance.

Story 1: A security robot of the KCC that was originally used only in areas under the KCC's jurisdiction. As KCC began sharing its technologies for diplomatic reasons, the Musashi VI model became a much more common sight.

Enemy Traits
Reach, AoE

Gameplay Information


  • Cannon Swing: Swings its cannon at close range.
  • Cannon Slam: Slams its cannon downwards at close range.
  • Explosive Shot: Fires a grenade from its cannon that explodes on imact, generating a burning area that deals damage-over-time to players in its range. This attack will display a range marker prior to landing.
  • Gravity Shot: Fires a grenade from its cannon that generates a pull-type area effect. The suction does not deal damage. This attack will display a range marker prior to landing.
  • Escape Launcher: Fires its cannon at point-blank range to the ground, dealing damage at close range and launching itself backwards.

Notes and Advice

Its Escape Launcher attack will launch it varying distances. In the Global version of the game, it will tend to move a substantial distance away. As such, it is advised to dispatch this enemy quickly as to prevent it from dragging out the encounter.

This enemy's armoring will be continually shed as its HP depletes. It is not currently known if this affects gameplay.