Naval 5 - Squid

Naval 5 - Squid

Enemy Specs

Model: M0-II047
Production Type: Mass-produced
Primary Use: Military

Era of Manufacture: A bionic animal taken by superior Corrupted in the Reconquista Age. Crude in appearance and visibly corrupted by the virus.

Intelligence Level: Low intelligence level, but equipped with multiple functions. Eager for power, it will modify itself with surrounding resources.

Profile 1: The torso of this bionic machine consists of both processors and power units, and is connected to a few sets of add-on arms. It is responsible for movement, posture-control, and combat.

Profile 2: A high-energy beam launcher is also hidden inside the torso, allowing it to make surprise attacks.

Story 1: A bionic combat machine produced by Amberia. It has adopted the look and internal design of a sea creature for fast production and stealth purposes.

Enemy Traits

Gameplay Information


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