Play Punishing: Gray Raven on PC


Play Punishing: Gray Raven on PC!


GRAY RAVENS is teaming up with LDPlayer to help bring Punishing: Gray Raven to your PC!
You can download LDPlayer with our affiliate link HERE.

We're really excited to introduce a collaboration with a product that is relevant to how we play PGR. Thank you all for supporting the work we do on GRAY RAVENS!


Punishing Gray Raven

Punishing Gray Raven is a stylized action RPG game developed by Kuro Technology, and has dominated the hardcore combat gaming world for a year now with its epic fights against punishing foes born from a deadly virus.


The story is set in a post-apocalyptic world, ravaged by the hubris of mankind, with players deploying their squads into fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping combat to win hard-earned and satisfying victories in real-time 3D battles accompanied by a banger soundtrack.
Explore the world and live through emotional moments in the story as you fight for humanity's survival in this forsaken age!


Punishing Gray Raven's global release has been eagerly anticipated by players all around the world, and now, it's time to enhance your Punishing Gray Raven gaming experience even further by playing on a PC!


LDPlayer 9 now has one of the best features to enhance your Punishing Gray Raven experience, with the latest Android Kernel 9.0 technology, personalized optimizations, and even faster game processing to reduce lag, increase framerates, and cut down on input latency, to give you a more better, smoother and more precise control and experience of the game.
PC emulation enhances PGR's visuals past the limits of mobile gaming and is one of the best ways to take the high resolution screenshots you've been seeing on our Gallery pages!
If you're having a hard time with the fast-paced and intensive combat during Babel Tower and Norman while playing on a small mobile screen, using LDPlayer will give you a more comfortable experience by allowing you to play with your keyboard and mouse or your controller!

LDPlayer 9 Improvements to Punishing: Gray Raven

Keyboard Mapping

LDPlayer 9 utilizes Keyboard Mapping to emulate screen taps through personalized key controls that you can set!
With Keyboard Mapping, mobile gaming hassles such as sweaty palms, large hands, and tapping the wrong place and the wrong time will never be an issue again!
Experience the game as it was always meant to be, without pesky hiccups or distractions, with a mouse and keyboard or a controller, and become a master of your very own set of personalized controls!


Low Resource Usage

Punishing Gray Raven by itself has already been very well optimized compared to many other mobile games in the market.
However, coupled with LDPlayer 9's optimization features in the form of recommended settings, even low-end PC users will be able to play PGR with a near negligible difference in performance!
Whether you are attacking, using skills, or dodging a devastating attack, regardless of how flashy the environment is, there is no longer any need to fear any game-ending stuttering that will ruin your efforts in battle anymore, focus on the enemies' patterns and your orb usage, because now you have one of the smoothest gaming experiences offered for PGR!

Improved Quality of Screenshots & Videos

If on the other hand, you have a decent gaming rig, you will be able to experience Punishing Gray Raven to the fullest. Crank up all those settings, get into the game and prepare to be wowed by those effects.
If you are a game content creator, or just want to make the occasional video, LDPlayer 9 is also perfect for all your footage recording needs! Stream the gameplay and let your audience be captivated by all the flashy moves, attacks & skills!
Whether its taking a screenshot to record your moment of triumph over a hard boss, that epic gacha roll, topping that leaderboard, or just to immortalize that one perfect angle of your favorite character, Built-in Screenshots & Recording features are all there in LDPlayer 9, with everything captured available at your preferred storage folder.

Custom Macros & Automatic Looping for Repeating Actions

LDPlayer allows you to use the Keyboard Macros & Operation Recorder option to write macros and automate all that hard work!
Write a series of commands to be performed automatically as a loop or just once and save yourself hours of trouble!

(Do be careful that your macro doesn't use up all your resources without you knowing...)


Download LDPlayer 9 today, and enhance your PGR gaming experience even further with the future of mobile gaming!

Download LDPlayer with our affiliate link HERE.