Polar Soldier

Polar Soldier

Enemy Specs

Model: Type Mδ-II054
Production Type: Mass-produced
Primary Use: Military

Era of Manufacture: A machine produced during the middle Golden Age ー modelled after the human form ー created as a result of religious organizations becoming involved in robotics.

Intelligence Level: Possesses multiple functions at low-level intelligence. It scrounges parts from sources around it in order to transform itself in a continuous pursuit of additional power.

Profile 1: Its harpoon can hit targets at medium range and drag them back to it.

Profile 2: Its left hand can transform into a hatchet to slice its enemies in close range battles.

Profile 3: The signal receiver can be used to relay info to its companions and receive orders from humans.

Profile 4: With its powerful thrusters, it can speed across the sea and even fly for a short period of time.

Profile 5: It can generate energy with nuclear fusion and recycle the nuclear reactant for energy regeneration. Practically a bottomless energy tank, it can even run long operations solo.

Story 1: An amphibious soldier created by Cosmos Industries for patrolling and fending off enemies in the seas. The head is a cockpit for a human pilot that is not visible from the outside. Polar Soldiers can also run on auto-pilot. After the virus outbreak, someone once pried the cockpit of a Polar Soldier open. Inside though, was something that could hardly be called human.

Enemy Traits
Reach, Leaper, Charger

Gameplay Information


  • Axe Swing: Swings its axe at close range. This attack has two variations, but both behave similarly.
  • Harpoon Shot: Fires a harpoon linearly. This attack will display a projectile path prior to firing.
  • Booster Rush: Activates its thrusters and plows forward. Targets hit by this attack will be carried with the Polar Soldier until it collides with an obstruction, where the carried target will receive heavy damage and become temporarily stunned.
  • Falling Slam: Jumps into the air. A few moments later, it will slam down at its target's location, dealing heavy damage. This attack will display a range marker prior to landing.

Notes and Advice

If it successfully stuns a player character with its Booster Rush attack, it will often follow up with an Axe Swing while its target is stunned. However, the timing of this combo allows the player character to evade the Axe Swing if they perform a dodge the moment the stun duration expires.

The projectile speed of the Harpoon Shot is marginally slower than it may appear.


This enemy was originally known as "Pole Walker" prior to its official name change upon implementation of the Eternal Engine patch.