Prime X

Prime X

Enemy Specs

Model: ■■■■
Production Type: ■■■■
Primary Use: ■■■■

Era of Manufacture: ■■■■

Intelligence Level: ■■■■

Profile 1: Compared with Phecda, Prime has even better firepower and is more aggressive. Its chest and facial panels can open to reveal the launchers inside for a surprise attack.

Profile 2: In contrary to their heavy and bulky looks, Prime and Phecda are very flexible and have great explosive power. They could often obliterate the incoming enemies within seconds when awaking from the statue mode.

Story 1: Kowloong Corp has access to the early Construct production technologies. Two mass-produced Constructs, namely "Prime" and "Phecda", form the majority of Kowloong's own defense force. These serious-looking statues will be activated when intruders are present, and transform into fierce guardians.

Enemy Traits
Vortex, Stance-Shift, Haste

Gameplay Information


Notes and Advice