Enemy Specs

Model: Type IαーI003
Production Type: Mass-produced
Primary Use: Industrial

Era of Manufacture: Product of the early Golden Age with basic functions.

Intelligence Level: A machine of the lowest intelligence level with only a single function. Often seen used in the early Golden Age.

Profile 1: Product of the early Golden Age with basic functions. It can only carry out simple orders.

Profile 2: Can be seen roaming around wastelands everywhere.

Story 1: It maintains its function by scavenging or dismantling discarded mechanical parts. As a result, it always clashes with human scavengers over resources.

Story 2: Protects itself with a piece of oilcloth after taking fatal damage and became partially broken. The weapon it never lets go is once used for dismantling and repairing mechanical devices.

Enemy Traits
Melee, Duelist

Gameplay Information


  • Wrench Swing: A close-range frontal swing. This attack has two variants, with the first swinging once and the second swinging twice.

Notes and Advice

This enemy possesses very slow movement and action speed.

Its attacks are highly choreographed (both visually and audibly). Avoiding this enemy's frontal region is most advised to mitigate injury.