Butler robot once used by the upper class, faithfully following its masters' orders. Employing a rapier in battle, it is graceful and dangerous in equal measure.

Roseblade (also referred to as Leon) is a boss enemy introduced in Chapter 3.

Gameplay Information


Note: The following skill list includes all skills denoted in Roseblade's Phantom Pain Cage arsenal. However, this list does not necessarily encompass all of his attacks. See Combat Behavior for more information.

  • Scorched Earth: Bends the battlefield to his will, causing enemies on the battlefield to continuously take extra damage.
  • Corrupting Dark: Hides in darkness before charging at the enemy, knocking them away.
  • Dark Wave: Unleashes a dark shockwave at a distant enemy.
  • Blaze Trifecta: Imbues sword with fire, unleashing flaming shockwaves at nearby enemies.
  • Erupt: Creates a field of fire beneath the enemy, which explodes to deal damage.
  • Shadow Strike: Creates multiple shadows to impale the enemy, dealing heavy damage.
  • Devil Kiss: Creates a rose-shaped energy field beneath the enemy, which explodes to deal damage.
  • Lunge: Quickly closes the distance with the enemy and impales them.

Combat Behavior

Roseblade generally has three behavior sets that he will shift through at certain HP thresholds. In some encounters with him, he will not have access to all three.

Roseblade will have access to this behavior set between 100% and ~66% HP.

While this behavior set is active, Roseblade will be limited to Shadow Strike, Devil Kiss, Lunge, and an unlisted skill, Duel.

Roseblade will use Shadow Strike any time it is not on cooldown. It will deal extremely heavy damage at point-blank range; players may choose to step away from the boss in order to minimize risk. Between cooldowns, he will repeatedly use Duel, a close-range swipe of his rapier that deals three hits (note that, if caught in this attack, the player can still evade the third hit due to its delay). Whenever the player character is at a sizeable distance from Roseblade, he will attempt to use Devil Kiss. If Devil Kiss is on cooldown, he will often use Lunge instead.

Roseblade will switch to this behavior set between ~66% and ~33% HP.

While this behavior set is active, Roseblade's attacks will change to a fire theme, and he will start using his Erupt and Blaze Trifecta skills frequently. Notably, he will continually use Erupt while Blaze Trifecta is on cooldown. Blaze Trifecta has three wide-ranged radial swipes, the third of which dealing multiple hits. Players are advised to not end their evasion animations early to help mitigate damage from this attack.

Erupt will always strike three times. Note that player characters under boosts to movement speed, such as those caused by the Frederick Memory set, can potentially outrun the flame burst of this attack without the need to evade.
Roseblade will switch to this behavior set below ~33% HP.

While this behavior set is active, Roseblade's attacks will change to a dark theme. He will begin using Corrupting Dark, Dark Wave, and an unlisted attack, Frenzied Pierce. He will also begin sprinting at his target, and he will regain access to his Lunge skill.

Roseblade will repeatedly use Frenzied Pierce, a three-hit rapier strike, when in close range. Occasionally, he will break away by backstepping, then performing a Dark Wave attack. If Dark Wave successfully hits its target, he may follow up with a Lunge.

After a few strikes of Frenzied Pierce, Roseblade will sometimes use his Corrupting Dark skill in place of Dark Wave. In doing so, he will vanish from the battlefield temporarily. An insignia will appear above his target's head a moment after his disappearance; this insignia will initially be colored black, but will steadily fill with a white color. The moment it completely fills, Roseblade will appear and strike. The rate at which the insignia fills, as well as the number of filled insignias required for Roseblade to return to the battlefield, is randomized.