Royal Guard

Royal Guard

Enemy Specs

Model: Type Sζ-IV174
Production Type: Mass-produced
Primary Use: Scientific

Era of Manufacture: Product of the late Golden Age. Influences of mechanoid restoration can be seen on it.

Intelligence Level: With a slightly high intelligence level, it has its own desires in addition to carrying out orders.

Profile 1: The spear can store and transfer aeolian and EM energy to nearby allies. The energy can be used for attacks too.

Profile 2: Dressed like a god's servant, sacred and archaic.

Story 1: Mechanically restored incarnations of the lost Egyptian civilization. They were once Osiris' exalted and loyal guards.

Enemy Traits
Ranged, AoE

Gameplay Information


  • Downswing: Swings its spear downward at close range.
  • Triple Slash: Swings its spear in a circle three times, dealing damage radially. The Royal Guard will adjust its trajectory after each swing.
  • Onrush: Rushes forward at mid range. This attack will display a range marker prior to launching.
  • Sacred Skewer: Throws its spear into the sky. Shortly afterwards, it will fall onto the target's location. This attack will display a range marker prior to landing.

Notes and Advice

It will often use its Downswing attack repeatedly at close range.

The third swing in its Triple Slash attack has three hits and the animation therein is longer than the first two. Players can evade damage by either dodging once and not exiting the dodge animation early, dodging twice, or dodge out of range.

The range of its Onrush attack is often slightly shorter than is displayed.