Sentry Gun

Sentry Gun

Enemy Specs

Model: Type Mβ-I010
Production Type: Mass-produced
Primary Use: Military

Era of Manufacture: Produced in the early Golden Age. It is slightly more advanced than model α.

Intelligence Level: A machine of the lowest intelligence level with only a single function. Often seen used in the early Golden Age.

Profile 1: The light cannons on both sides of its body can rotate vertically and horizontally at 180°.

Profile 2: Equipped with a most simple heat dissipation design. The barrels will turn red and spew smoke to dissipate heat under continuous fire.

Story 1: A security robot commonly seen in cities. Created by Cosmos Industries, it patrols along designated routes and locates intruders with signals from monitors. It automatically eliminates unidentified enemies in cities through its basic weaponry.

Enemy Traits
Ranged, AoE

Gameplay Information


  • Double Shot: Fires two side-by-side projectiles. This attack will display a projectile path prior to firing.
  • Area Strike: Fires a round upwards. An independent area-of-effect strike will then land at the position where the player character was standing at the point of firing. This strike will display a range marker on the ground prior to landing.
  • Firework Wheel: Spins its cannons around its main body, expelling shrapnel as they rotate. Deals multiple hits at close range. The Sentry Gun will slowly move forward in the last direction it was facing while executing this attack. It is signaled by its cannons aiming outwards.

Notes and Advice

The Firework Wheel attack's range is larger than it may appear. Players are advised to maintain appropriate distance when possible.