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Seraphine's Backstory I

Seraphine is an ordinary maid but also a talented painter. During her early years in the Golden Age, Seraphine worked diligently as a maid in households to earn a living. She could only escape for a little while from the hardship of life when she was painting alone at night. She would hum melodies to shut away the noise of the city and indulge herself in the palace of art with the goddess and the candlelight as her companions. She used the elements of eyes, feathers, and plants to produce paintings of a mysterious world. Her unique art style greatly impacted the world of art and made her an important figure in art history. However, the Punishing Virus changed everything. All the exhibitions, invitations, and collaborations were ruined by the war. Her paintings were destroyed in the chaos. Everything she had was gone. Even Seraphine herself disappeared from the public eye, leaving only a few legends for people to gossip about.

Seraphine's Backstory II

"Are you sure that feeble woman you see is Seraphine?"
"Sure. I interviewed her before. She still has that unique personality even though she has been away from the public eye for so long, so I'm pretty sure that she is Seraphine. She is under the tallest tree on the grassy hill."
"But I didn't see the woman in the light blue dress when I got close. There were only flowers painted with a branch on the grassland, showing that she has been here before."
—The last sighting of Seraphine

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