Enemy Specs

Model: Type Mγ-I010
Production Type: Mass-produced
Primary Use: Military

Era of Manufacture: Produced in the middle of the Golden Age, it started to be applied to different fields of work.

Intelligence Level: A machine with the lowest intelligence level designed for a single purpose only.

Profile 1: A human can enter a Terrapod's cockpit to pilot it. The armor protects the pilot from harm, but infected Terrapods will never allow a human inside. Rarely, human skeletons can be seen inside Terrapod cockpits.

Profile 2: The Gatling gun can rotate at any angle. It automatically reloads through the magazine below when it runs out of ammo.

Story 1: An advanced security robot created by Cosmos Industries. Able to patrol along designated routes and be piloted by humans. It locates intruders with signals from monitoring devices. It automatically shreds unidentified enemies in the city with its powerful weapons.

Enemy Traits
Ranged, AoE

Gameplay Information


  • Body Slam: Raises its torso and then slams it down, dealing heavy damage at close range.
  • Single Shot: Fires a linear projectile. This attack will display a projectile path prior to firing.
  • Arc Volley: Fires a volley of projectiles in a semicircle. The volley will always proceed in a counter-clockwise fashion.
  • Explosive Torrent: Fires a continuous volley of explosive rounds at its target's location. Each individual projectile will display a range marker prior to landing.

Notes and Advice

Players are advised to evade to the enemy's left during its Arc Volley attack.

Its Explosive Torrent attack is particularly long-winded and may require several dodges to fully evade.