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3 February 2024

  • curprev 16:4916:49, 3 February 2024SteveStage talk contribs 794 bytes +794 Created page with "{{Enemy |Name=IronMaiden |Info=Iron Maiden is the boss enemy introduced in Chapter 2. She can be fought at any time in Celica's Class. |VisualPhases=2 |MovesetPhases=2 |Creator= |Version= |Use= |Type= |Production Time= |Intelligence= |Datas= |Data1= |Data2= |Data3= |Stories= |Story1= |Story2= |SkillName1-1=N/A 1 |SkillDescription1-1=N/A |SkillUnofficial1-1=1 |SkillIndex1-1= |SkillName1-2=N/A 2 |SkillDescription1-2=N/A |SkillUnofficial1-2=1 |SkillIndex1-2= |SkillName1-3=N..."