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Tifa's Backstory I

Tifa, previously a Construct from the Babylonia Task Force Suzaku. Captured and rebuilt by the Ascendant Roland during a mission, she is defeated in the subsequent battle with Gray Raven.
Afterward, the containment chamber she is in is retrieved by Babylonia personnel, and there have been no more records of her.

Tifa's Backstory II

I want to... see the commandant again...
I want to... tell the commandant that I've survived...
But she is in no shape to see anyone ever again. Instead of hopelessly persisting, perhaps an end would be a better ending for the suffering young girl.
That is why when the blade Sariel pierces her chest, she does not resist.
Perhaps the unspoken words those pale lips would have said is not a cry of pain, but a sigh of relief.

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