|- |Core=Reversed Egretfield |Core Detail=Core Passive: When Basic Attacks hit marked enemies, there is a 30% chance to trigger Lightning Lure and deal 60% Lightning DMG. Red Orbs have 30% / 60% / 100% of chance to trigger Lightning Lure. After triggering 4 Lightning Lures, the next Lightning Lure will summon a Ex - Lightning Lure that deals 200% Lightning DMG and heals allies in the area for 40% of Lux’s attack. |Leader=Leader - Mighty Heart |Leader Detail=Increases all party member’s HP by 5% and ATK by 5%. |SS Rank=Field Controller |SS Rank Detail=Passive: Ally units within the plasma field created by Ex Lightning gain Lightning Surge that increases their Lightning DMG by 20%. |SSS Rank=Oversupply |SSS Rank Detail=Passive: Extra DMG Bonus of Lightning Lure increases by 25%. |SSS+ Rank=Energy Sanctum |SSS+ Rank Detail=Passive: Reduces the Lightning resistance of the targets within Saving Space by 15%. }}