When Day Breaks

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Patch Summary



  • A special R&D (gacha) event will be available during this patch. The list of rewards are as follows:
    • Extra Reward: A-Rank CUB Selector (acquired by pulling 8 times on this R&D event).
    • Core Layer Reward: S-Rank Omniframe Selector (up to Selena: Capriccio).
    • 1st Layer Reward: 6★ Weapon Resonance Material *1, S-Rank CUB Selector *1 (up to Huiyu), S-Rank CUB Selector *1 (up to Huiyu).
    • 2nd Layer Reward: Support Skill Component *240, EXP Pod (XL) *15, Support Overclock Bundle (L) *60, Support Overclock Bundle (S) *120, Coating Blueprint *20, Serum Bundle β (M) *3.
    • The cost of each pull increases as follows: 50 / 200 / 400 / 600 / 800 / 1200 / 1600 / 2000 / 2500 / 3150; the currency of this R&D event can be redeemed with the equal amount of Event Construct R&D Tickets or Target Weapon R&D Tickets. Once the event ends, any unspent currency for the event will be converted to Basic Construct R&D Tickets.
    • The player will receive the Extra Reward: A-Rank CUB Selector upon the 8th pull. They are guaranteed to receive the Core Layer Reward: S-Rank Omniframe Selector upon the 10th pull.
    • The guaranteed progress of this banner is not inherited from any preceding banner, and will not be inherited by any subsequent banners.


  • The Memory Resonance UI has been optimized. Players can now perform Resonance on multiple Memories at once, directly consume Memory Shards or Special Support Tokens to perform Resonance, and more.


  • Chat box decorations have been added.
  • A new UI in which players can customize their Portrait, Portrait Frame, Nameplate, and chat box has been added.
  • Characters may now lock onto targets in Phantom Pain Cage, War Zone and Clash Reflection from a greater distance while using their QTE skill or swap-in skill.
  • In combat, the portraits of characters on stand-by will now display the Portrait currently chosen from the Coatings selection screen. (Not applicable in co-op game modes.)

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