Chen Jiyuan/Backstory

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Chen Jiyuan's Backstory I

Chen Jiyuan was the head of KCC's Fuxi Crew when he was a human. With astronomy and arithmetic as his major fields of study, Chen Jiyuan was the first to observe FTL route beyond the Milky Way. In terms of his contribution to the field of machine making technology, he was the creator of the initial Musashi and Prime versions and developed the East-Asian mechanical style. He also came up with mechanical upgrade plans that were beyond his times, but unfortunately he "accidently" died from a liquid nitrogen leakage before he could implement them. It's said that the observation deck in the Kowloong Corp was built according to his early design scheme.

Chen Jiyuan's Backstory II

Chen Jiyuan's Memory was later recycled by the Science Council and made into a Memory Chip. Back on Earth again, Chen Jiyuan refused to reveal the truth behind his death and would rather redirect his energy from clinging to the past to a scientific research that seemingly aimed at preventing something from happening. Due to the overwhelming amount of calculation data Chen Jiyuan produced, even Asimov found it hard to comprehend what research Chen Jiyuan was doing. The two always had fights because of the research and their old identities.

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