Cruel Oath - Mod

- Cruel Oath - Mod
- ★★★★★★

- Oath - Mod
- Increases Physical DMG and Healing effects by 15%, also doubles the effects of Leader Skill. After triggering Overclock Indicator, swapping cooldown for 2B and A2 decreases by 1s and they gain 1 random Signal Orb.

Signature Weapon belonging to 9S.

Weapon Data

A black blade used by warriors of the East.

Weapon Backstory

Story I
With each passing night, another boy died. The survivors grew more and more suspicious of each other, each harboring terrible doubts about what happened to their brothers.
Story II
On the morning of the seventh day, a single survivor stood tall. Cleaning the blood from his hands, he chuckled to himself. "Better go find the traitor!"