Grand Blue Events


Grand Blue


Grand Blue Overview


Guide for the Grand Blue Event.

Duration: January 26th 2022 to March 1st 2022 06:59 (UTC)

Grand Blue introduces several permanent new mechanics and resource stages that should be noted.


Hypertuning can only be done after resonating a memory.
  • It is advised to Hypertune the lower row of memories first as it will boost ATK/CRIT instead of HP/DEF.
  • Hypertuning should be reserved for a select few constructs as it is hard to gain the resources to do so.
  • The main source of Hypertuning materials is from either Autopoiesis Maze Weekly rewards or from Joint Warfare.
  • You can purchase Hypertune Materials from the Hypertune shop.
To Hypertune a resonated memory slot once, the materials required are:
  • 9 Hypertune Catalyst α
  • 3 Hypertune Catalyst β
  • 6 [Insert Memory Name] Hypertune α
  • 1 [Insert Memory Name] Hypertune β


Players can join a guild either recommended by the game or send their applications to different guilds via Quick Apply.
  • The Weekly Contribution will increase whenever a member participates in a mission. Rewards can be claimed when the Weekly Contribution has reached a required level.
  • Players can earn United Achievement Points that can be used in the Point Shop.
Challenge Tips
Simulated Siege has 3 stages (Low Viral Intensity Zones, Dead Zones, Besieged Target)
  • For Low Viral Intensity Zones (Blue stages named 'DND' on the left), A-rank Constructs are required. Trial Constructs are provided but players can choose to use their own at their discretion.
  • For Dead Zones (Red stages named 'GND' on the right), Transcendants are required. Trial Transcendants (Camu in this case) will be provided but players can choose to use their own at their discretion.
  • The Besieged Target stage (Center Stage) will give rewards as its HP is being reduced. S-rank Constructs are required. Similarly, trial Constructs will be provided but players can still choose to use their own.
Score Tips
  • Personal Points collected by challenging the 3 stages will be recorded and allow you to claim chest rewards at certain checkpoints.
  • Note that each stage only allows 3 attempts and an attempt is only counted and saved if your score is higher than your previous attempt.
  • Using healers is a viable strategy as their ATK is buffed by 80%.

AE-5 Stages

A new permanent guaranteed way to farm 6 star memories.
AE-5 Stages take 30 Serum to clear once and gives 50-70 Special Support Tokens per clear.
You can obtain one of the following 6 star memories from the Resource shop with 585 Special Support Tokens in any slot:

Legend of the Executor - GR Overview

Guide for the Legend of the Executor - GR (APUS) Event.

Duration: February 14th 2022 to February 28th 2022


These tips are written with the assumption that you will be trying to finish this event as quickly as possible.
Making full use of Support Units
  • Prioritize using your Support units over using your own team (which costs AP)
  • 3 Support Units are needed to clear 1 stage
  • Maximum of 8 Support Units can be held at one time
  • Using Support Units WILL NOT deplete your Action Points (AP)
Making full use of the shop (Support Terminal)
  • You should be spending almost all your Support Points on buying more Support Units in Terminal Support (45 Support Points for 1 Support Unit / 18 purchases per day)
  • Buy "Support Team" x 2 and "Support Airdrop" x 1 every day (3 AP/Day)
  • Always choose hard challenge for each stage and the best option for each random event (guide below) for more Support Points, and the optimal pathway for each map (images above)
  • Use themed constructs for extra support points/discounted prices.
Extra tips
  • Remember that if you die, you have the option to revive your constructs with Cogs! (5000 per revive)
  • The Tactical Supply (shop in the map), sells support units at 36 Support Points instead of 45 Support Points in Terminal Support (Main shop), so you might want to save up at least some Support Points before you go into that shop. (Only applicable if you choose enough themed constructs to get a 20% discount in the Tactical Supply Shop)
  • Balancing how many Support Units (SU) you have is important, while you can spend all your support points immediately on obtaining as much SU as you can, having a little patience, such as waiting for the Tactical Supply stage to get SU cheaper or getting SU from random events will prevent you from hoarding so many support units that it goes over the 8 SU limit, and so that you always have enough space to take in more SU as you go along.
  • If you intend to hoard Support Points following the previous tip, remember that you can always backtrack a random event by exiting the interface and choose again if you find that you've gone down the wrong path (such as losing AP or SU), in the event that losing Support Points is inevitable, backtracking from the interface (Click outside the box) and spending all your Support Points in the Terminal Support Shop on more SU so that you lose the least amount of Support Points possible is a viable strategy.

Optimal Routes

Clear all 10 stages within 2 weeks to get all the rewards!
Follow the Maps below!
Red Route = Safest; Yellow Route = Fastest!
All Optimal Routes:
All Optimal Routes for APUS

APUS Choices

Optimal Choices have been highlighted green.
Optimal Choices have been highlighted green.

Treasure Hunter

  1. Ignore him (-1 Action Point / +100% HP)
  2. Join him (-1 Action Point / +3 Support Constructs)
  3. Take the treasure away from him (+10% Support Points / -30% HP)


  1. Trade with him (+1 Action Point / +10% Support Points / +100% HP)
  2. Walk together (-1 Action Point / +10% Support Points)
  3. Protect him (+1 Support Construct / -30% HP)


  1. Buy Healing Potions (-10% Support Points / +100% HP)
  2. Test new potions (-30% HP / Lightning buff 30%)
  3. Catch Demon (+50 Support Points)

Pitiful Demon

  1. Soothe the Demon (-30% HP)
  2. Drive the Demon away (-1 Action Point)
  3. Ignore - nothing happen

Smiling Demon

  1. Question the Demon (+10% Support Points / -30% HP)
  2. Drive the Demon away (-30% HP)
  3. Ignore (Nothing happens)

Angry Demon

  1. Question the Demon (-30% HP)
  2. Drive the Demon away (Nothing happens)
  3. Ignore (-10% Support Points)

Wealthy Demon

  1. Help the adventurers (-30% HP)
  2. Take the chest (-10% Support Points)
  3. Ignore (Nothing happens)

Caravan Under Attack

  1. Help them (+10% Support Points / -30% HP)
  2. Take Caution (-1 Action Point / +10% Support Points)
  3. Ignore (+50 Support Points)

Wealthy Tycoon

  1. Take all (+50% Support Points)
  2. Take some (+50 Support Points)
  3. Only take a little (+5 Support Points)

Goddess Of The Lake (Wording might differ)

  1. Equipment (-30% HP and Dark buff 30%)
  2. Gold coin (+10% Support Points)
  3. Potion (+100% HP)

Terror Dragon

  1. Kneel and beg for mercy (-1 Action Point / -10% Support Points)
  2. Fight with all you have (+10% Support Points /-50% HP)
  3. Ask for help (-1 Action Point / +1 Support Construct / +10% Support Points)


  1. Fight back (+10% Support Points / -30% HP)
  2. Run away (-1 Action Points / +3 Support Constructs)
  3. Hand out your money (-10% Support Points)


  1. Rainbow potion (-1 Action Point / +100% HP)
  2. Black potion (+10% Support Points / -30% HP)
  3. Silver potion (+50 Support Points)

Lucky Moment

  1. Right (-1 Action Point / +100% HP)
  2. Center (+10% Support Points)
  3. Left (-10% Support Points)


  1. Help the villagers so they could run away (-1 Action Point / +3 Support Constructs)
  2. Fight till the last breath ( -10% support point/-30% hp)
  3. Run away (-10% support point)

Villager's Task

  1. Find another way (-1 Action Point / +10% Support Points)
  2. Help the Demons (+1 Action Point / +10% Support Points)
  3. Defeat the Demons (+10% Support Points / -30% HP)

Demon's Task

  1. Attack the Demons (+10% Support Points / -30% HP)
  2. Save the Demons (-1 Action Point / +3 Support Constructs)
  3. Attack both sides (-1 Action Point / +10% Support Points / -30% HP)

Three Chests

  1. I want them all (-30% HP / 30% Ice buff)
  2. The one on the right (Fire buff 30%)
  3. The one on the left (+10% Support Points)

Statue of Overlord

  1. Power (Physical buff)
  2. Friend (+1 Support Construct)
  3. Money (+10% Support Points)

Deserted Cave

  1. Head toward the light (+1 Support Construct / -30% HP)
  2. Pass directly (-1 Action Point / +10% Support Points)
  3. Head deeper into the cave (-1 Action Point / +10% Support Points / -30% HP)

Tavern of Joy

  1. Dart (+50 Support Points)
  2. Boxing (+10% Support Points / -30% HP)
  3. Eating Contest (+3 Support Constructs / +10% Support Points)

Strange Tree

  1. Gold coins (-10% Support Points / +100% HP)
  2. HP (+1 Action Point / -30% HP)
  3. Action Points (-1 Action Point / +10% Support Points)


  1. Get healing (-10% Support Points / +100%HP)
  2. Get money (-1 Action Point / +10% Support Points)
  3. Get a companion (+3 Support Constructs)

Autopoiesis Maze Overview

Guide for the Autopoiesis Maze Event.

Autopoiesis Maze contains 2 phases: Exploration (Monday 07:00 - Sat 07:00 UTC) and Analysis (Saturday 07:00 - Monday 07:00 UTC).

  • The event will reset weekly every Monday 07:00 UTC.
  • Ranking rewards consist of a Commandant Portrait Frame. (Expires in 7 days)


Autopoiesis Maze is an event that should only be completed to redeem its weekly rewards.
  • There is a PVP aspect, however, ranking highly does not give anything other than a portrait frame that will also expire in a week.
  • The main gist of the event is that there are 2 modes, clearing 5 stages to gain add-on units to buff your team on the weekdays (Exploration) and clearing 2 stages for points on weekends (Analysis).
  • The ranking is based off points gained on the weekend stages (Analysis), where those with better add-on units have an advantage.


  • Use healer units if you are concerned about having enough health at the end of the Field.
  • It's not recommended to play Autopoiesis Maze competitively, as the result of that is a purely cosmetic reward that will only last one week and there is no real gain.
Action Point Management
  • 14 Action Points (AP) will be given per day during the Exploration Phase at 07:00 UTC, this can be accumulated until the end of the phase.
  • All Overload Modules are basically useless and a waste of Action Points (AP).
  • You can preview a choice by tapping on the hexagon pathway and tapping away off the menu to backtrack.
  • As all choice outcomes are based on RNG and are already displayed to you, avoid negative effects at all costs if possible, there is nothing worth compensation for a negative effect, and removing it will always cost at least 1 Action Point (AP).
  • Do remember to refer to the tutorial guide for Autopoiesis Maze to understand the icon meanings if you do plan to optimize your routes in the Exploration Phase.
Add-On Units and Aberrant Cube Management
  • Take more time during the Exploration phase to gain more valuable add-on units to be used during the Analysis phase to gain more points.
  • If you are already have no Aberrant Cubes (the Currency to purchase add-on units) or don't have enough for a choice outcome to subtract, your balance will not be overdrawn into negatives. This means that you can be more reckless with choices that negatively impact your Aberrant Cube balance as you literally have nothing more to lose.
  • There is an option to deconstruct add-on units in return for Aberrant Cubes, in the scenario where you are in need of more Aberrant Cubes to be spent, do make use of this function. This will also be automatically activated if you are awarded a add-on unit that can no longer be upgraded due to it reaching it's max level.
  • You can spend 70 Aberrant Cubes at the end Normal or Core Operation Zones to obtain additional add-on units.