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The Hetero-Core is a boss enemy that appears in Chapter 9.

Its only known appearances are in Chapter 9 story battles and in the Character Story of Selena: Tempest.

Gameplay Information

This enemy has two major forms.

Skillset: Mimicry

  • Laser Burst: The Hetero-Core fires a single burst of energy at the player character's location. Upon landing, the impact area will sustain a potent, long-lasting damage-over-time field effect. This attack will display a range marker prior to landing.
  • Multi-Burst: The Hetero-Core fires four total bursts of energy in two two-part volleys. Apart from the number of bursts, this attack is identical to the Laser Burst attack.
  • Laser Beam: The Hetero-Core fires a continuous stream of energy from its head. While firing, it will slowly rotate counter-clockwise, then rapidly whip clockwise.
  • Charge Burst: The Hetero-Core charges a sphere of energy for a few seconds before detonating it, dealing heavy damage to all player characters on the field. The detonation is signaled by the energy sphere changing colors from purple to red.
  • Roar: The Hetero-Core roars, pushing all nearby player characters away.

Note: This form is not currently known to appear in normal combat outside of Black Flash, an event mode during the feature release of Fallen Star. Its only other appearance is in stage 9-13, Chase, in a special aerial battle.

Skillset: Core

  • Multi-Laser: Fires an array of lasers in varying patterns.
  • Hetero-Bullet: Fires a cluster of projectiles in varying patterns.
  • Seeking Hetero-Bullet: Fires a cluster of projectiles that seek out their target.

Combat Behavior


In this form, the Hetero-Core is stationary in the center of the stage. Given the duration of the field effects generated by its Laser Burst and Multi-Burst skills, allowing the Hetero-Core to use them while the player character is near it is not advised, as it will make player melee attacks difficult to execute without taking damage.

  • After any instance of its Roar skill, there is a significant chance that it will use either its Laser Burst or Multi-Burst skill. Furthermore, if it uses its Multi-Burst skill, it will often follow this with a single Laser Burst. Players may consider using the distance generated by the Roar as an opportunity to force the Hetero-Core to plant its damaging fields away from its body, allowing them to resume attacking it with lessened risk.

Core: Regular Battle

Note: Users playing on devices with lower graphical capabilities are urged to decrease graphic settings for this battle, as this enemy's Hetero-Bullet skill will often flood the stage with projectiles, consuming excessive memory by consequence.

Its Multi-Laser attack will produce one of three different patterns, and its firing intervals are regular. Players can use the even time dispersals as a means to predict ideal evasion times. Note that its lasers' collision detection is wider than it may appear.

Its Seeking Hetero-Bullet skill will produce red-colored projectiles, while its Hetero-Bullet skill will produce purple-colored projectiles. The Seeking Hetero-Bullet projectiles deal substantially more damage than their non-seeking counterparts, but are not fired as frequently.

Core: Aerial Battle

This battle is unique to stage 9-13, Chase. In it, the player will control an aircraft piloted by Watanabe: Astral.

The behavior of the Hetero-Core here is similar to that of its regular battle, with the notable exception that the number of lasers fired by its Multi-Laser skill will be slightly lessened. Players are advised to be wary of its Seeking Hetero-Bullets, as they will deal heavy damage to Watanabe's aircraft.