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Lucia: Plume

Stage: Twin Blades of Will
Hint 1: Find a path that goes deeper
Hint 2: Endurance is required to reach the final end

  • Finish the stage and play it again
  • Reach the final Boss with more than 50% HP remaining
    • You will fail the hidden objective if the power of the M.I.N.D. heals you

hidden objective achieved

The objective is simple in theory but achieving it may cause some players trouble. The advice below will be helpful if that is the case.

  • The 1st and 3rd groups are the most dangerous ones
  • Switch to Arctic Form at the 1st encounter and use a partial Signature Move - 1 or 2 Signature Point(s) - after using some Orbs
  • Switch to Arctic Form at the 2nd encounter but only use Orbs
  • Use a fully charged Signature Move at the 3rd encounter
  • Use a combination of Orbs and partially charged Signature Moves at the 4th encounter and final fight
  • You succeed if you fight Plume as the final Boss

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