Front Sight Focus

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Sophia: Silverfang

Stage: Catastrophe
Hint: Camera panning to the air vents
Note: You may have to finish the 2nd combat stage again if you didn't unlock the hidden node on your first playthrough

  • Move past the target point after the first battle without touching it

run past the target point

  • Check the four air vents the camera panned to
  • There will be some textual clues and some vents will say that nothing can be heard
    • You have to keep standing still for a couple of seconds for the clues to trigger
  • Repeat this process with all four vents and continue with the mission

move to the next vent once nothing can be heard anymore

Stage: The Truth Hint: Sophia saying she can't leave the guards like that

  • Interact with Jamillah's weakened guards and heal them after the battle
  • You succeed if you heal all three guards

heal all guards

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