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Debuts in the Surviving Glimmer patch. The frame that “he” made to save Noan. Initially weighing only 41.3 kg, it was built with many degraded components in order to reduce the user’s movement. Its normal functionality has been ensured after undergoing Babylonia’s improvements. · Rank: S-Rank · Class: Vanguard · Element: Physical (10%) Lightning (90%) 50%


Construct Joins
Hello, Commandant. Allow me to reintroduce myself. My name is Noan. That is my real name. Once again, at your service.
Level Up
I will not stop working as long as there is still room for improvement.
Thanks. Can I take it that you have recognized my skills?
I can be more efficient now. Thank you.
Skill Upgrade
I must hone my combat skills until the day I no longer have to fight.
Equip Weapon
This weapon, hmmm, what should I name it?
Add to Team
I should thank you for your trust, right?
Set as Leader
You are willing to entrust me with the captain's position... I will make sure the mission is completed.
Mission Complete
Alright, mission complete. What's next?
General Greeting 1
After leaving City 075, I spent some time in the Forsaken's stronghold... I wonder how Watanabe's doing... I'd like to find them if the opportunity arises.
General Greeting 2
Sometimes I feel Lee's expression suddenly becomes very solemn, as if he's made the final preparation. What's with him lately... Forget what I said. It's probably classified information.
General Greeting 3
How have I been? Let me tell you a secret: I'm actually a diplomat with abilities beyond the level of Babylonia. As a master speaker with superb charisma, I have made many friends and blended into Babylonia long ago.
General Greeting 4
About my past? You've seen many wanderers in this apocalyptic world. I'm merely one of them. There's nothing special about me.
General Greeting 5
Commandant Simon said you were the Chief Graduate of F.O.S. College. What do they usually teach in a college? Most of the schools on the surface have been abandoned. I wonder how many kids in this era ever go to a real school?
General Greeting 6
Recently, I always end up walking to the WGAA while taking a stroll. This kind of association appears on the Earth when we finally have peace, right? Will art lovers be able to make a living with their paintbrushes? ...I see. That's great.
General Greeting 7
I've finished reading the books you mentioned earlier. Do you have any other recommendations? I didn't get a chance to visit the library, and I have such a good guide now. I'd love to read more books that I've never seen before.
General Greeting 8
The stars aren't the only things that light up the night sky. The lights around us may not be as bright as Polaris, but each of them fights their own battle to emit their own ordinary, faint light.
General Greeting 9
When I was little, the other children around me always enjoyed a story in which a hero changed the dark age. But when we grew up, we realized those stories were just fantasy. No matter how powerful you are, you alone are powerless to change the world. So... I'm glad that I can stand here today and do the things in my power to help others.
General Greeting 10
I do not regret turning down the Ascendant's invitation even if that means I have to accept my own mediocrity. If I had chosen that path, I would have betrayed myself. Don't worry, when I told you "Noan" was my name, I was already prepared. I will never be shaken by my situation now.
General Greeting 11
Like those kind and loving characters in stories, you are always listening to others' difficulties and feelings... Don't you want to talk about your own feelings sometimes? You may collapse if you push yourself too hard.
General Greeting 12
What do you think of the monument that commemorates the victims on the square? Um... Me? I think... anyone who can struggle to survive in this time is also great. I have witnessed too many deaths... That's why I think living itself is already a remarkable achievement.
General Greeting 13
If you are also looking forward to the day when the winter finally ends... Will you promise to be in that future with me?
General Greeting 14
Hmm? I'm painting with the pen you left... It's just a sunflower. If I say I'm drawing it because I'm thinking of you, will you believe me?
General Greeting 15
I have never forgotten the past regrets, but I no longer condemn myself because of them. The sorrow has turned into my motivation... I will give everything I have for a peaceful future, for not losing my loved ones again.
Affection Up 1
You must have a lot of friends, right?
Affection Up 2
The gift is too expensive for me. You should keep it for someone who deserves it more.
Affection Up 3
I'm glad enough that you are standing here off guard.
Affection Up 4
Thanks very much... Are you this kind to everybody?
Affection Up 5
What do you usually like to do? The first step of friendship is to learn more about each other.
Affection Up 6
Would you like a few paintings in return? Just kidding... Your gift is worth a lot more than my paintings.
Affection Up 7
You have been through so much despair and malice, but you are still so kind. I think that's highly remarkable.
Affection Up 8
I'm happy with ordinary sketchbooks and pens. I... don't want to use the painting tools if they are too delicate.
Affection Up 9
Are we friends now? Hmm, I'd like to be your friend and companion. I want to stay here.
Affection Up 10
I don't have anything decent to give you back... But you can always come to me if I can be of help.
Affection Up 11
Can I still come here... tomorrow?
Affection Up 12
I really appreciate it... Not just the gift, but also you and your word.
Affection Up 13
We are still in winter... But I don't feel so cold around you.
Affection Up 14
Will you turn me down... if I say I want to be one step closer to you?
Affection Up 15
I'm thankful enough to be able to fight alongside you and push toward our common goal. But that does not mean I will give up seeking more from you... Commandant?
Affection Up 16
Can I take this gift as your permission for me to approach you, Commandant...?
Idle 1
Yawning is contagious. Ah-hhaa... I thought I didn't need to sleep anymore...
Idle 2
It's been a while, and you've been quiet. Are you busy with something else?
Idle 3
I wonder whether you're asleep or doing something else... But I enjoy looking at your back just like this.
Idle 4
Are you asleep? I want to check on you, but I don't want to wake you up... Better not.
Idle 5
May your dreams be as peaceful as the summer night... May hope forever be by your side.
Extended Connection 1
There seem to be a lot of difficult tasks... Do you need help?
Extended Connection 2
Come, let me test you to see if you are too exhausted. Look at this picture of inkblots in my hand. What do you think it looks like? Nothing on Earth? Fine.
Extended Connection 3
You've been looking down for so long that I can hear your neck cry. Crack, crack.
Extended Connection 4
Wait, let me see your eyes. Hmm... Open your mouth, please? When did you sleep last night? You're just...
Extended Connection 5
You have done enough work... It wears you down. I know you probably won't listen, but... At least take a break, will you?
Connection Made 1
Good morning. Do we have any missions today?
Connection Made 2
Commandant, here is the list of missions for today. Ready when you are.
Connection Made 3
Morning, I met Commandant Simon in the training room just now. He asked me to say hello.
Connection Made 4
I was just thinking that you probably would be here soon. Is that good chemistry?
Connection Made 5
Welcome back, Commandant. I took some missions while you were away. I managed to finish them... But I still felt it would be better if you were around.
Connection Made 6
Welcome back, Commandant. I've been waiting for you.
Connection Made 7
Did you sleep well last night? Exhausting yourself makes it difficult for you to concentrate, and will also make those who care about you worry. What? Yes. I am one of them.
Connection Made 8
Welcome back, Commandant. I'm thinking of you. Yes, even when you are right in front of me, I'm still thinking of you.
Extended Offline Time
It's been a long time. Did you sleep in? Dreamed about an ordinary, peaceful world? If you found happiness in that world... I too wish it could last longer. It's okay, I will be right here waiting for you until you are back.
Shake 1
What?! You alright? Did you fall?
Shake 2
Stop, my glasses are falling... Wait, don't take them off me...!
Shake 3
No matter how much you shake me, I won't drop coins.
Quick Tap 1
Eh? What? I didn't hide anything... Huh? You aren't frisking me?
Quick Tap 2
S-stop, it's itchy... I didn't know you could be so childish. Never mind, I'm just relieved to see your smile.
Quick Tap 3
What's going on? Don't panic. I'm listening.
Activity at Max
Oh hey, you really need to slow down. Your activity is at max. You should take a break. Would you like me to be with you?
Battle Starts
I fight... to keep the pain away from our future.
Battle 1
Count up their sins.
Battle 2
This is the "best match."
Battle 3
Bring wounds to the night.
Signature Move
A warm spring will be bred from winter!
I'm okay.
I must not...
Knocked Out
Sorry to leave you alone.
I don't want your pain to last.
Let's do this fast.
Battle Over
It's over. Let's go back.
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