Karenina: Scire/Voice

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Debuts in the A New Divide patch. A frame for Karenina designed to adapt to the low gravity environment on the moon’s surface. Its core power system is equipped with the latest small-scale gravity control unit and can even perform short-term aerial maneuvers. · Rank: S-Rank · Class: Tank · Element: Dark (100%) 50%


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Heather Gonzalez 花铃
Hua Ling
Dung1 Dung1
Haruka Tomatsu
Construct Joins
Yo, it's been a while. But mind you, I'm not happy to see you at all.
Level Up
Just some minor tweaks. Nothing surprising.
I have absolutely no interest in these useless titles.
I came up with the upgrade plan. Such improvement is expected.
Skill Upgrade
I have completely mastered... I guess I still have to work on my skills.
Equip Weapon
This weapon is good, but it can be better... Too much power? Who cares!
Add to Team
Stop giving me trivial missions!
Set as Leader
What, do I have to do a captain's speech? Ahem... Let's go!
Mission Complete
You're still not as good as me, but not too bad either.
General Greeting 1
Watch out, watch out! Out of my way!
General Greeting 2
What's the point of patching and fixing broken scum? I'd say we blow it all up and start over.
General Greeting 3
Here's the last battle report and the list of lounge items that need repair... Stop staring at me. I didn't do all of the damage.
General Greeting 4
There's no space here either. I'll just put them near the Sleeping Pod... What's in my hand? Just some aviation fuel and high explosives.
General Greeting 5
I must be strong. Strong enough to avoid "necessary sacrifice."
General Greeting 6
Just a loose connection, very common problem. Usually, I just need to kick it... Hah! See, all good.
General Greeting 7
I never have time to rest. Apart from the engineering tasks, I still have to deal with that sarcastic lady.
General Greeting 8
I took this mission because I am the only one who can complete it! What? ...You're joining me as well? In that case, I'll make some extra preparations.
General Greeting 9
I have moved on from the little conflict with Lucia. Now I only focus on improving my own strength... Huh? I'm afraid of losing to her? No way! Where's Lucia? Get her over here now!
General Greeting 10
I got first place in the combat test. Not like it was anything remarkable... Hey, don't you have anything to say to me?
General Greeting 11
Sigh, give me a break. Why are you always coming to me... Where are you going? Don't you dare ask anyone else!
General Greeting 12
My shooting test results still have room for improvement. Should I ask Bianca...? Wait, your shooting results are pretty good, aren't they?
General Greeting 13
It's foolish to always rely on others. That's why I always take things into my own hands. But if it's you... I guess I don't mind being a little dependent for once. Hey! Don't you dare laugh!
General Greeting 14
You don't have to speak for me. What if they also misunderstand you? O-of course I'm thankful! But you should also think for yourself...
General Greeting 15
If one day, you have to make a decision, will you sacrifice your current life for a future hope...? Oh, you don't have to answer. You are so easy to understand.
Affection Up 1
Leave me alone if you don't have anything important to say.
Affection Up 2
I'll take it then.
Affection Up 3
You've got to work harder to leave an impression on me. For example... How about testing the new equipment for me?
Affection Up 4
Are you trying to fawn over me with these? i'm not buying your tricks.
Affection Up 5
Have we been meeting a lot recently? It's just a coincidence, what else could it be? What do you think? I'm purposely waiting for you?
Affection Up 6
These things can't make me stronger. But still... Thanks.
Affection Up 7
How did you get hurt? Hmph, how careless. Come here, I'll treat you. No need to bother the doctor for small wounds like this.
Affection Up 8
I thought you asked me to come out for an urgent mission. If you want to give me a gift, why don't you just come to my room?
Affection Up 9
Am I trying to get along with you? S-stop dreaming!
Affection Up 10
Again? The safe is already full... Wait, I didn't say you could take it back!
Affection Up 11
There isn't a lot of space here. It's okay if you want to come closer... What's that look? Are you seriously waiting for me to come to you?
Affection Up 12
Why are you always in a rush? Do you have other things to do? You could have stayed a little longer...
Affection Up 13
Why didn't you include me in the last mission? Don't you ever make that mistake again. Do you hear me?
Affection Up 14
Do you have to do this? Even without it, I would still...
Affection Up 15
I am strong, but there are things that I can't do by myself. That's why you must be my support. Don't you dare leave first.
Affection Up 16
When you go back to the lounge, remember to check the drawer on your left. Right, the second one from the top. Don't you ever forget! Promise me!
Idle 1
Hh-aa... What? Am I not allowed to be on standby?
Idle 2
Done! Here's the new base defense layout. What do you think? ...Over-armed? Why? There are only 108 turrets.
Idle 3
If you ever want to hear from me again, you'd better reply within 3 seconds. 1... 2... 2.2... 2.22...
Idle 4
Here, these files are ready for you to sign. When did I prepare them? When someone was spacing out, of course.
Idle 5
Hmm-hmm-hmm! This sleeping face is quite fascinating... Woah! How can you suddenly open your eyes while you sleep! Close them now!
Extended Connection 1
You still have some energy left. Let's do another mission.
Extended Connection 2
Aren't you going to take a rest? It's silly to challenge your limit like this.
Extended Connection 3
Chronic fatigue can cause the patient to look pale, lose hair and grow wrinkles... What am I reading? Here, let me translate for you: go take a break, fool!
Extended Connection 4
Go take a nap. Nobody can bother you. I'll stop them all at the door.
Extended Connection 5
This is not the time to overstretch yourself. There are a lot more important things that need you... So do I.
Connection Made 1
Oh, it's you.
Connection Made 2
Let me see... You are 3 minutes 45 seconds away from being late.
Connection Made 3
Did you sleep sideways last night? ...How did I know? Isn't it obvious? Look at your hair.
Connection Made 4
Where's Nanami?! Is she hiding here? She put irremovable chains on my weapon! I won't let her walk away today!
Connection Made 5
Do you know how tiring it is to wait here? No...? Fine, you'll see next time!
Connection Made 6
Technicians are crucial even on a battlefield, so I don't need to remind you who you should stay with... Do you really get it?
Connection Made 7
1, 2, 3... Ahem, here you are. I was just counting the number of days that some fool has been slacking off.
Connection Made 8
I always thought that I would be alright on my own, until I met you. It's not that I have become weak. Instead, I am stronger than ever... Right, that's a compliment! And you are not allowed to disagree!
Extended Offline Time 1
You're back. Oh, I forgot to remind you that I set up 26 additional minefields nearby because of the poor defense systems here. Relax, they're magnetic. Humans won't trigger them.
Shake 1
Useless! It won't work on me now.
Shake 2
Stay here. I'll go check the gravity control unit.
Shake 3
Hmph, how childish.
Quick Tap 1
My patience is limited!
Quick Tap 2
D-don't get too cocky!
Quick Tap 3
Alright, poke however you want. But just this once.
Activity at Max
Don't let me remind you to claim the rewards every single time.
Battle Starts
Is this the target? I'm going in!
Battle 1
Hmph, resistance is futile.
Battle 2
Blast propulsion, fire!
Battle 3
I'll knock you lowly scums away!
Signature Move
What are you looking at?! I'll smash you all... into pieces!
Hey, watch out!
My mistake... It has exceeded my expectations.
Knocked Out
I will... not lose.
I'll lead the charge! Cover me.
Out of my way!
Battle Over
It's no biggie. No need to praise me... Hmph!
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