Haicma: Starveil/Voice

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Debuts in the The Ark Beyond patch. · Rank: S-Rank · Class: Vanguard · Element: Physical (10%) Ice (90%) 50%


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Brittany Cox 侯小菲
Hou Xiao Fei
Si1 Yeung4
Rie Tanaka
Construct joins
Checking logical neural circuit... System functional. Emotion simulation module operational. Greetings, new operator. I await your orders.
Level up
Frame performance has been enhanced.
"Chariot" believes that classes are the foundation of management. What do you think?
Frame stability rising... Is this what humans call "growth"?
Skill Upgrade
Tactical circuit enhanced. Your assistance is appreciated.
Equip Weapon
New module data loaded. Fitting performance: good.
Add to team
Team member combat data synchronized.
Set as leader
I have sufficient data when it comes to managing tactics.
Mission Complete
Mission progress has reached 100%. Congratulations.
General Greeting 1
What do I like? No, I don't have any so-called "preferences."
General Greeting 2
Whether mechanoids are "alive" or not... What's your opinion on it?
General Greeting 3
One moment please. I'm running a self-test on my database. Current progress 42%... Completed.
General Greeting 4
You want to know what happened to me on Earth? No, the information isn't forbidden to you. I was just summarizing and preparing data so you could quickly understand. Summarization complete: a total of 1.8TB video files have been prepared for you to view through real-time rendering.
General Greeting 5
The "heart" is but a definition given by humans. What is the real difference between thinking constructed by flesh and thinking constructed by processors?
General Greeting 6
I have seen some machines with highly simulated emotions. They were disguised as humans and were told that they were humans. They believed in who they were... until the Punishing came.
General Greeting 7
"Perception" is the instinct of all creatures, but "emotions" and "desire" are unique to humans. The motivations of humans are extremely complicated, while we machines can only produce output based on the data entered. The world in our eyes is different from what you see after all.
General Greeting 8
Someone once commented that I had a "sense of wonder", one of the necessary but not sufficient conditions for human's self-development. If I can understand what that really means, will I start to have my "preferences"?
General Greeting 9
Among many human technicians, I think Pygmalion is one of the better ones. The techniques he mastered were able to grant his creations life so they could stay with him for a lifetime. This is particularly remarkable given the many records... What? This is all fictional?
General Greeting 10
I believe you are aware that I can simulate most personalities within human definitions. For example, "cute," "serious," and "rebellious"—my database has them all recorded. But how should the real "me" behave? What do you think?
General Greeting 11
You are willing to maintain a conversation with me despite our differences. This can be likened to solving the perpetual paradox through case analysis... Yes, that was a compliment. Thanks very much.
General Greeting 12
Excuse me... Do you have the simulation data of animal fur? I'd like to have access to more similar data if possible, because machines are... cold and hard, while animal fur is quite the opposite.
General Greeting 13
Look, Commandant, there are trillions of stars out there. Out of all of them, only the planet behind you has given birth to life. From a probability perspective, humankind has truly been blessed, and my very existence was born from an event of near impossible chance. Our encounter itself is a miracle.
General Greeting 14
I "want" to stay by your side. Yes, my database is overflowing with this idea. But I cannot ascertain why I want to tell you this so much, as well as why I am so concerned about your response.
General Greeting 15
Right now, I want your words more than any data record. I need more data about you... No, I'd like to know more. I want to hear you talk about it.
Affection Up 1
Commandant's data has been recorded.
Affection Up 2
Supply obtained.
Affection Up 3
Data entry completed. Have I missed anything?
Affection Up 4
Question. What should I do with this?
Affection Up 5
Question... What is your motivation behind this action? Or, perhaps... you have no clear motivation at all?
Affection Up 6
Question. Are you sure you want to give me these supplies as a gift?
Affection Up 7
Humans put their "thoughts" in gifts. They are abstract concepts that can hardly be materialized... I don't understand how I should respond to them.
Affection Up 8
According to my record, the transfer of ownership often grants the giver a right to demand. You may ask me for something in return within a reasonable range.
Affection Up 9
Perhaps only "thoughts" can respond to other people's thoughts, but I still lack data about them. Could you provide me with some guidance?
Affection Up 10
Once again, I'd like to emphasize that the transfer of ownership often grants the giver a right to demand... Question. What sort of gift do you expect in return?
Affection Up 11
Would I like to try another hat design...? I have never considered that idea, but now that you have mentioned it, I'm open to options.
Affection Up 12
Emotional logic error. Self-test invalid. Question... What would humans call this strange feeling?
Affection Up 13
I still don't quite understand the meaning and purpose of your action. But I have learned to "feel" instead of analyzing it.
Affection Up 14
Question... No, Commandant, I'd like you to tell me. How should I repay the gifts you have invested in me?
Affection Up 15
Every moment we spent together has been stored in my memory. As long as my M.I.N.D. is still running, those moments will forever be engraved somewhere in the world and never forgotten. I promise.
Affection Up 16
I no longer seek to find out how to respond to your gifts. Perhaps staying with you is the best "gift" I can return.
Idle 1
This isn't an ideal place to sleep.
Idle 2
You're awake. I have recorded your sleep talk. Would you like me to play it now?
Idle 3
Commandant has fallen asleep in an inconducive environment and must be relocated. According to the manual, I need to lift the head before moving the arms... Commandant, why did you suddenly terminate your sleep...? Why are you running away?
Idle 4
Z—Z—Z... Hmm? I'm simulating a sleep program to improve your sleep. This data originated from... some comics.
Idle 5
Rapid eye movement sleep detected. Commandant must be having a dream... What kind of dream would that be? Will your dream... have me? Why do I feel so "curious" right now?
Extended Connection 1
Beyond-threshold fatigue detected. Immediate hibernation is recommended
Extended Connection 2
You can delegate your work to others. This is my suggestion.
Extended Connection 3
Humans always describe those who perform high-intensity, continuous and repetitious work for extended duration as "machines." According to my record, such a description is often a warning for "losing oneself." Would that be an ending you desire?
Extended Connection 4
According to my record, humans often believe that when they become extremely exhausted, they could perform at high efficiency which can be compared to a post-war economic boom. However, it is merely an illusion caused by overestimating their own competence under abnormal hormone levels... Basically, you need to rest.
Extended Connection 5
Abnormal brain hormone levels detected in Commandant. Immediate hibernation is recommended... N-no... Hmm... Please come this way... It's time for bed.
Connection Made 1
You are here.
Connection Made 2
Connection Made 3
Welcome... No, playing the same designated line is not "intimate" enough. Commandant, could you please reinitiate the process where you walked in? I will attempt a different greeting next time.
Connection Made 4
Good morning. Why the loud voice? It's an experiment that is expected to improve your spirits. The result is statistically significant on a 99% confidence interval.
Connection Made 5
Commandant, please wait a second. I have noticed my processor prioritizing standing here each time I detect your footsteps approaching. This phenomenon has persisted no matter how many self-tests I have run. A deep self-test is needed now.
Connection Made 6
Based on past statistics, there is a 27.86% chance that you will come back here today. Welcome back, Commandant.
Connection Made 7
I'm here waiting for you today, and I will still be waiting tomorrow. Such repetitious tasks are supposed to be consistent and accurate, but I am attempting to cause errors in them, so each time we meet can be different. Is our encounter today special to you?
Connection Made 8
I have been re-evaluating the management records while I was waiting for you. Before, I could not stop forecasting and thinking about a particular point in time in the future. Over time, I have learned that is what humans call "anticipation," because I am having the exact same thoughts right now.
Extended Offline Time 1
You... have returned. The duration of your absence has exceeded my forecasted value by 2.718... No, more than that. Could you please advise as to why my forecast was inaccurate...? Please tell me.
Shake 1
Do not worry. I can maintain balance as long as the tilt angle is within 72°.
Shake 2
Emergency. Protecting Commandant... Correction. It was only a test run.
Shake 3
The equal exchange of benefits is crucial in human interactions. Your action suggests that you desire to be treated in the same way. One moment please, I am loading data related to astronaut training programs... Commandant has escaped my vision. Data loading terminated.
Quick Tap 1
...Understood. One moment please. This is my machine dance, because I am a dancing machine. Right, that was a joke. You are laughing. Is that what you were anticipating?
Quick Tap 2
If only this can be fluffier... No, it was just a leaked cache from the computation process. Please forget it.
Quick Tap 3
I welcome interaction through direct contact, but why are you deploying a strategy of high-frequency, short-duration tapping? Is it because... the temperature on my surface is too high?
Activity at max
Today's activity level has exceeded the standard. Your hard work is greatly appreciated.
Battle Starts
Tactical circuit activated. Engaging.
Battle 1
Tactical circuit fully operational.
Battle 2
Synchronization rate increased. Attacking.
Battle 3
Lock-on, analyze—and destroy.
Signature Move
High-performance tactical circuit... activated.
Unexpected incident occurred. Re-analyzing.
Incoming damage exceeding the threshold.
Knocked out
Frame damage has exceeded the threshold... Run, Commandant...
Assist mode activated. Do you need support?
Weak link identified.
Battle over
Order complete. Frame status normal.
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