Haicma: Starveil/Secrets

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Debuts in the The Ark Beyond patch. · Rank: S-Rank · Class: Vanguard · Element: Physical (10%) Ice (90%) 50%


Starveil's Secret 1

According to Haicma's calculations, the fastest runner in human history is Kuafu whose speed exceeds 1,668km/h in order to see the sun 24 hours a day.

Starveil's Secret 2

Back in the early days when she was free from control, Haicma was struggling to distinguish between human legends and historical facts. As a result, it often appeared to her that mankind had experienced a significant physical decline, such as a loss of the ability to shoot fireballs from their palms.

Starveil's Secret 3

Haicma knows a technique called "divination" in which humans foretell the future with card arrangements; however, even with all of her computing power, she cannot prove its validity.

Starveil's Secret 4

Haicma's old-fashioned hat was originally worn to cover up a damaged component, but she decided to keep it even after the component was mended. It has become her routine to clean and repair this hat, and the reason for it is that a gear covering her head makes her feel "secure." She values the emotional connection brought by a particular item more than its necessity.

Starveil's Secret 5

Haicma excels in making puns, and she will explain her puns whenever necessary. The statement "excels in making puns" is based on the fact that she has a success rate of 89% in making her listeners laugh, which is truly impressive even though more than 50% of successful cases are not due to the pun itself.

Starveil's Secret 6

Haicma's composed exterior can be deceiving at times because she can maintain an impassive expression even when a storm is raging in her mind.

Starveil's Secret 7

Haicma's thinking is the result of precise calculations. Therefore, she often feels perplexed when a situation exceeds her expectations, but this is not a kind of feeling she hates.

Starveil's Secret 8

At first, Haicma wielded her scythe strictly adhering to the tactical movements in her database that include many subtleties like the angles and amount of force applied; yet, she soon discovered that adding certain variations to the tactical movements could increase combat efficiency by nearly 20%... It took a long time before she recovered from such an astonishment.

Starveil's Secret 9

Haicma's database contains a wealth of information on domestic services, which theoretically qualifies her as an expert in child care. But when it comes to real life, she has failed a lot due to her over-reliance on those theories.

Starveil's Secret 10

Haicma once stood motionless in the middle of a road for an entire day just because she did not want to disturb a bird that had landed on her head.

Starveil's Secret 11

In addition to imitating human sleep, Haicma also tried to kick a drink can the way humans did, and the can ended up going straight through a rusty trash bin.

Starveil's Secret 12

Haicma's frame was prepared by a researcher. Because she obtained this frame without knowing it at all, she has yet to fully understand its every function. For example, she just discovered that she can pull a never-ending string of colorful flags out from the joints of her arms.

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