Nanami: Starfarer/Secrets

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Debuts in the Her Last Bow patch. · Rank: S-Rank · Class: Tank · Element: Fire (100%) 50%


Starfarer's Secret 1

Nanami has planned a large number of adornments for her new frame, but because she has to travel in the data ocean, she made adjustments after Gestalt said they "take up valuable processing power."

Starfarer's Secret 2

The "Three Laws of Nanami"—First Law: Nanami loves humans! So, no one is allowed to hurt humans.

Starfarer's Secret 3

Her frame gives her even more mobility—you can expect to find her snooping around all kinds of nooks and corners, air ducts, cardboard boxes, and undeployed machines...

Starfarer's Secret 4

Nanami loves to test the limit of Power's strength. Knowing that, the Engineering Force often challenges Nanami to get Power to cut materials that are normally hard to obtain.

Starfarer's Secret 5

Nanami loves the elevated view she gets on top of Power, but sometimes she will get too excited and forget Babylonia's height limit, hitting her head.

Starfarer's Secret 6

The "Three Laws of Nanami"—Second Law: Nanami is free, so Nanami does not follow orders she doesn't like! Even if it is fate itself!

Starfarer's Secret 7

System Announcement: Nanami is holding a contest for "Power's Perfect Pose", so don't forget to take a photo of them when you see them pass by! Sign up at the Gray Raven Commandant's room.

Starfarer's Secret 8

Nanami and Power's thoughts are linked. With just a thought, she can send Power into battle without being in the cockpit—at the expense of accuracy.

Starfarer's Secret 9

Power's full name is "Paradigmatic Omnipotent Weapon-Edge Remake".

Starfarer's Secret 10

Power's design is based on the shape of robotic soldiers in one of the possible futures, enhanced with armaments inspired by mechs in Golden Age anime.

Starfarer's Secret 11

The "Three Laws of Nanami"—Third Law: Nanami must live to find the only correct answer! That is how she can stay with her beloved friends.

Starfarer's Secret 12

The "Three Laws of Nanami"—Zeroth Law: Perhaps Commandant has to choose a future without Nanami one day. Still, Nanami will continue to love humans and Commandant. This is her promise to herself.

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