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Debuts in the Her Last Bow patch. · Rank: S-Rank · Class: Tank · Element: Fire (100%) 50%



Like her last frame, Nanami designed and built this new one herself as well. It has drawn the attention of the Science Council with its many unknown technologies, especially the mech she calls "Power". The Science Council has tried to dissemble it for research—but all their requests have been rejected immediately for strange reasons.


"Nanami has Power... to travel everywhere! We'll go to a new place soon... Fly me to the moon!" Nanami loves traveling, not just because she gets to explore the unknown "there" but because it also gives her new perspectives about "here."


"Such excessive firepower in one frame... What kind of things was it designed to fight?" Having obtained rare footage of Starfarer in battle, Asimov still has no idea what the designer was thinking. Starfarer is extremely intricate... and equally mad.


Nanami loves the Golden Age entertainment humans made called "video games." They contain adventures she has never encountered and ideas she has never seen, and within them, there are infinite possible futures and worlds... Although every game comes to an end eventually, Nanami always tries to get the good ending.


A unique being, Nanami is the "Sagemachina" that supposes to awaken other machines. But no one ever asks what the girl truly wanted before she became the sage.


"Yeah! Nanami wants to be friends with everyone... but what is a friend? Can you tell me, Commandant?" With no clear definitions—perhaps all it takes is hands held, laughter shared, shoulders lent... or even a short path together walked—Nanami has long been everyone's friend.

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Character List
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