Nanami: Starfarer/Voice

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Debuts in the Her Last Bow patch. · Rank: S-Rank · Class: Tank · Element: Fire (100%) 50%


English VA Mandarin VA Cantonese VA Japanese VA
Melody Peng 赵爽
Zhao Shuang
Laam4 Fung1 Fung1 Mat6 Luk6 Cha4
Minami Tanaka
Construct joins
Hello, Commandant! I'm back like I promised... What promise? Hush, that's an Easter egg!
Level up
Beep! Beep beep... beep beep—! Nanami has leveled up!
When do you think Nanami will become Dai-Dai-Dai-Dai-Dai Shogun?
Time can change everything, including Nanami... Now, Commandant, please look at my transformation!
Skill Upgrade
Let me tell you a secret, Commandant. I am the strongest when I have "forgotten" all my moves!
Equip Weapon
It's not the weapon that's powerful. It's me!
Add to team
This time... I have all of you with me. Nanami is no longer alone!
Set as leader
Next is Captain Nanami! Let me hear your cheers!
Mission Complete
Mission complete. Time to celebrate!
General Greeting 1
Um... This place is too small for Power to come in. It would have squashed you, Commandant.
General Greeting 2
Commandant, would you like me to install a plasma reactor on your chair? It can reach 126 kilometers per hour... No? What a pity...
General Greeting 3
Nanami, Nanami, powerful Nanami! Nanami, Nanami, invincible Nanami!
General Greeting 4
Ta-da! I'm about to start my performance. Commandant, just stay in the box... Right, just like that, so it'll look better when Power cuts the box in half... Huh? Commandant, where are you? I didn't know humans could run so fast!
General Greeting 5
I heard that gods couldn't toss a coin, but I can. Does it mean that Nanami is even mightier than gods? Okay, Commandant, take a guess—heads or tails?
General Greeting 6
Sniff... I miss this smell! Did Liv make those snacks? Commandant, can I have one please? I can let you have Power for a day!
General Greeting 7
Commandant, do you know the ultimate answer to the universe? Pfff, wrong! It's 73, NA-NA-MI!
General Greeting 8
If the entire universe can become my friend, does it mean that we will never have to fight again?
General Greeting 9
Do you want the ability to reload a save point like in a video game, Commandant? This way, you can get the perfect ending... No? Hmm. You're right.
General Greeting 10
I have grown up and can't be playing games all day. But I guess one or two fighting games with you occasionally won't harm... Hey! Commandant, how could you pick your character first?! How tricky!
General Greeting 11
I can design and make almost everything that ever exists in this world. But some exceptions can never be made.
General Greeting 12
Commandant, you are unique to Nanami, just like how this planet is unique to the universe.
General Greeting 13
Commandant! Did you know that Babylonia was originally a colony ship designed to travel through space? Humans really are incredible... If they did spend countless years reaching the other side of the stars, would they feel lonely when they arrived?
General Greeting 14
Look, Commandant! There's a star that is particularly bright. Do you think there will be other human beings on it? Maybe there is another commandant secretly looking at Nanami, just like you.
General Greeting 15
Today, I'm going to challenge "playing hide & seek alone"! How can one person play hide & seek by herself? That's why I will never get caught. In other words, it's a game that Nanami is guaranteed to win... What, would you also like to play? Okay... Promise me that you will find me!
Affection Up 1
Nanami's bomb is going to blow up if you don't take me seriously! Tick, tock, tick, tock...
Affection Up 2
Is it something boring? I'll ask Power to cut it up if it is.
Affection Up 3
Would you like to be my friend, Commandant?
Affection Up 4
I have grown up. I can say "thank you" politely now.
Affection Up 5
Now that we are getting closer, shall we have a fist-to-fist combat under the setting sun? No? But animes always have that plot...
Affection Up 6
Thank you, Commandant... Wait, no! I wanted a gift with a "surprise"! Let's start again. This time, I'll pretend I know nothing about it.
Affection Up 7
Commandant, I'd like to take you on my next trip. When it comes to great views that we've never seen before, two is better than one!
Affection Up 8
Only the best gift suits the mightiest Nanami!
Affection up 9
100... 400... 1000... 4000! This is impossible! My affection toward Commandant is still rising!
Affection Up 10
So many presents... Even Power can't load them all!
Affection Up 11
Commandant, I can make an exception for you and let you sit on Power. But remember to hold onto my waist for your safety!
Affection Up 12
What's my favorite gift? "The gift from Commandant"!
Affection Up 13
I want to set sail toward the future because I love humanity. But I choose to stay here because of you, Commandant.
Affection Up 14
Commandant, your gifts and thoughts have accumulated so much. I'm going to drown in your love!
Affection Up 15
I am the strongest, but like all other strongest characters in games, I have one weakness that can really hurt me... Commandant, you're the only one who knows it. Make sure you protect it well!
Affection Up 16
I have received enough gifts that I can cherish as "memories." Now it's my turn to give "future" to everybody in return...
Idle 1
Commandant, are you having a system crash? Hope I can fix you with a smack like what they did with old TVs...
Idle 2
I know this game! It's "Red Light, Green Light"! Am I the caller?
Idle 3
What are you thinking, Commandant? Is it about me...? Oops, did you find out who did the trick on you?
Idle 4
Commandant! I'm going to get angry if you keep ignoring me! Hmph—!
Idle 5
Commandant's eyes are so beautiful when I look at them close up. I can even see a little Nanami in them. Right now, I am the only thing in your eyes. Don't blink! Maybe Nanami will disappear once you blink!
Extended Connection 1
Are you a robot, Commandant? Don't you need rest?!
Extended Connection 2
Have you finished working yet, Commandant? I'm sleepy...
Extended Connection 3
Commandant, you really are going beyond the human limit...! Particularly when it comes to working overtime.
Extended Connection 4
If the problem is too difficult for you to handle alone, just ask your friends for help. You can always count on Nanami!
Extended Connection 5
Come on, take a break and look at Nanami! I'm a lot more fun than your work!
Connection Made 1
Commandant, you're so slow!
Connection Made 2
I knew I was right! You stepped into the room with the left foot first.
Connection Made 3
G-g-good morning! Com-man-dant, Nanami-is-a-robot-today!
Connection Made 4
Come on in, Commandant... Why am I hiding under the desk? Nothing, really. Oh, if you ever see a super-upset Karey, just tell her I'm not here yet!
Connection Made 5
GOOD! MORNING! COMMANDANT! Watanabe told me that nothing is more stimulating than shouting in the morning! Do you want to join me, Commandant?
Connection Made 6
Commandant, as long as you still remember me, I will be waiting for you here every day.
Connection Made 7
Commandant, no matter how much trouble I have, I always get very happy when I see you. Do you have magic that can make Nanami happy?
Connection Made 8
Commandant, if you can see the future of just one event, what would you pick? I would like to go through every day in the future to see if I can always meet Commandant in this familiar room.
Extended Offline Time 1
Don't you ever forget me, Commandant.
Shake 1
Ouch! I should have installed more shock absorbers...
Shake 2
If I pass out, you have to carry me back!
Shake 3
Is the stabilizer of Babylonia broken...? But Karey told me I couldn't fix something by knocking it.
Quick Tap 1
Nngh...! Stop poking me! The sensors on this frame are really sensitive!
Quick Tap 2
Commandant, are you trying to break the record of 16 taps per second?
Quick Tap 3
Fufufu, Commandant, your actions are so slow that they almost look stationary to me... Argh, stop! I just really wanted to say that cool line.
Activity at max
You've been all over the place today, Commandant. I almost thought you had learned the shadow clone spell.
Battle Starts
Nanami, engaging in combat! Can I smash them all?
Battle 1
Nanami has no armor that she cannot cut!
Battle 2
Boost! All Nanami needs is to hit you!
Battle 3
Hello—would you like to try my firepower?
Signature 1
Frame and Construct... as one!
Signature 2
This is Nanami's... trump card!
Ouch... Is the left-side armor too thin?!
The hero... always turn the tables in the worst situation!
Knocked out
I can't let this future happen...!
Nanami here. Initiating armed intervention!
Let's roll!
Battle over
Commandant, Power and I are just super-duper awesome! Don't you think?
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