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Debuts in the A New Divide patch. A frame for Karenina designed to adapt to the low gravity environment on the moon’s surface. Its core power system is equipped with the latest small-scale gravity control unit and can even perform short-term aerial maneuvers. · Rank: S-Rank · Class: Tank · Element: Dark (100%) 50%



Unlike most Engineering Force frames, Karenina opts for a design that features higher power output and a more durable internal structure rather than a design convenient for precision maneuverability. "With determination, precision maneuverability can be easily achieved, but power output is different. You can't make up for it." Although it sounds like a forced argument, no Engineering Force members object to this in word or heart.


Few people know that in addition to engineering projects, Karenina also has expertise in frame design for Constructs. However, she was not accepted into any of the frame design organizations mainly because her designs "required a high budget" or "had unnecessary high performance." The reason behind such designs is that Karenina is always prepared to fight in the most dangerous places.


The Engineering Force can be roughly divided into two parts—the maintenance team in charge of Babylonia maintenance and the reconstruction team that works on the reconstruction projects on the surface. The first mission Karenina received after joining the Engineering Force was to rebuild the ruins in an area, where the slums she and her grandfather once lived in happened to be. To reduce the tragedies of the Corrupted attacking human settlements, after becoming the captain, Karenina chose not to stay in Babylonia like her predecessors but to travel frequently between the two teams.


Even though Karenina does not fight on the frontlines as often as the Task Force members, she is always searching for a glimmer of hope on the battlefield of technology. Fortunately, Karenina is never alone in this fight. She races against time with her "warriors." Battling difficulties is her responsibility as the captain and her source of pride.


"Destruction is not an end, it's a means." Karenina doesn't take pleasure in destroying things for the sake of it. In fact, she approaches it with great caution. Once she determines that destruction is necessary, she will completely destroy her target in order to rebuild a beautiful new world in its place.


On the path to the future, hope always appears in her sight. Karenina is never short of the courage to seize hope despite struggles, and this bravery has propelled her forward. Now, she has gained another kind of courage and confidence—the courage to destroy the hope in her hands, and the confidence to rebuild it anew.

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