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Debuts in the Surviving Glimmer patch. The frame that “he” made to save Noan. Initially weighing only 41.3 kg, it was built with many degraded components in order to reduce the user’s movement. Its normal functionality has been ensured after undergoing Babylonia’s improvements. · Rank: S-Rank · Class: Vanguard · Element: Physical (10%) Lightning (90%) 50%



When Noan showed up, Babylonia realized that the Ascendants had the power to turn humans into Constructs. Babylonia has been keeping a close eye on Noan because of his involvement with the Ascendants, but he never complains about it or the examinations he has to go through. Most of the people who know it keep a distance from him and are always carefully polite toward him, which makes Noan a little sad.


Arca is the name Noan picked for his frame. It comes from a poem that a young Construct told Noan after he left Asslam: We are on an ark adrift upon a river's flow; When time comes, we shall disembark for a new ark though. He will start a new journey that lasts until the end of his life.


After trying out the coating, he seriously considered dying his hair rainbow but it was turned down by all Dark Aries members. Allen, chairman of WGAA, said it was an "abstract expression". Still, he left a few locks of hair white as a final struggle.


He can write and use weapons with either hand. He is not good at using heavy weapons, but it's not because of a lack of strength. He is just used to an agile fighting style. The blueprint for the Rev Blade was Rachel's gift for Noan's 17th birthday, while his offhand weapon is a blade that he has been using since he joined the Cargo Crew. Before he got the Rev Blade, Noan used to fight with a gun and a blade.


He is not good at ranged weapons. Though no stranger to find, he is far from a sharpshooter. However, sometimes he can accidentally hit things that are relevant. Once during a fight, one of his bullets went through three windows and hit a sign board on the opposite building, which fell down on the leader of a gang of robbers.


He broke free from the interference and hallucination created by the Ascendants on his own. After further examinations, his M.I.N.D. was deemed stable enough to adapt to specialized frames. Whether this is a quality that Noan possesses naturally or the result of the interference of the Ascendants, the Science Council has yet to come to a conclusion.

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