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Debuts in the Voyage Among the Remains patch. · Rank: S-Rank · Class: Attacker · Element: Physical (100%) 50%



A specialized frame based on the integrated results of Babylonia's years of research. It was officially employed for an investigation mission at the Copperfield Aquarium. Because this frame's original first candidate was not Bianca, it has undergone various readjustments and eventually become what it is today.


In order to restrain M.I.N.D deviation inflicted by using the Phantom Tracer, it requires a Deep M.I.N.D connection with a commandant who has a determined Mind Beacon. When Bianca was inquired about her thoughts, the name of Gray Raven’s commandant came out of her almost unequivocally.


The equipped Swordstaff can synergize with the Phantom Tracer to produce astonishing energy output. As it is a weapon created specifically for Stigmata, its theoretical uniqueness had excluded all other Omniframes from wielding it.


On the face of it, this frame's armor has been lightened to increase its agility;the truth is, because of Kurono’s unparalleled technology, its durability does not even pale in comparison with Tank Construct’s. After Bianca's own adjustments, it is able to unleash its power to the fullest in any extreme environment.


Because it is equipped with the Phantom Tracer, which is built upon Mother's tissue, Kurono once predicted that Bianca would need at least a few months to stabilize the accompanying M.I.N.D deviation. Bianca, however, fully adapted to Stigmata’s side effects just in a matter of days. According to her words, she has long been used to an “unconventional” frame like this.


A “witch”. Before Bianca was turned into a Construct, it was what she was being called by those who were afraid of her. Nevertheless, she has never considered being dubbed a “witch” to be derogation. She believes there must be something in this world so heinous that only a “witch” can destroy it.

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Character List
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