Nozzle/Enemy File




Enemy File

Data I: This Nozzle model has an inconceivable amount of paint inside its body. It can mix the ideal paint color and texture anytime.

Data II: There are two high-quality speakers installed on its chest. The designer believed that painting and music have great chemistry.

Data III: It can use its right hand to spray paint and draw in ways that are impossible for humans.

Enemy Backstory

Story I: Originally designed to spray paint. Able to mix paint inside its body. It will clumsily fend off those who impede its artistic process.

Story II: Corruption has given Nozzle a different artistic turn. A new type of material made of Construct vital fluids, fluorescent agents, and mixed coolants is now Nozzle's primary choice of paint. This paint can be directly shot out, pressurized into freeze bombs, or even nebulized to disrupt radar detection.