Pulao: Dragontoll/Voice

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Debuts in the Wandering Dream with Whale patch. · Rank: S-Rank · Class: Vanguard · Element: Physical (100%) 50%


English VA Mandarin VA Cantonese VA Japanese VA
Liana Bedwi 宴宁
Yan Ning
Lei5 Ji2
Maria Naganawa
Construct joins
Oh wow... Is this the Babylonia? Commandant, do you know how much Grub it takes to make it fly... Oh my, how many zeros are there?!
Level up
Is this really happening... Feels like I've become a bit stronger.
So is this the... "promotion"?
Well, if I can keep making progress, then I don't have to be afraid of anybody, right?
Skill upgrade
If I'm not strong enough, I won't be able to live up to my name Pulao. I need more practice!
Equip weapon
You can never be too prepared. Corner-cutting is not allowed!
Add to team
Pulao of Kowloong, I'll do the fighting!
Set as leader
I'm the acting captain? I see!
Mission complete
You've finished all the tasks? Awesome!
General greeting 1
Huh? So I just keep standing here? Why...?
General greeting 2
Sorting out the data... It looks complicated... But I'll give it a go!
General greeting 3
I don't think we should talk during work...
General greeting 4
What do you do as a Commandant every day?
General greeting 5
Now I'm getting the hang of this job, even the maths that I used to hate so much... Oops, sorry, guess I was talking big...
General greeting 6
Commandant, let me know if you need anything, okay? I'm confident with my strength.
General greeting 7
On the Nighter, my job was to protect those who wanted to live a good life. Now all I have to do is protect you. It's so much easier.
General greeting 8
Looks like the work is over for now... Want some candy? Liv gave me a lot for some reason...
General greeting 9
Do you want to take a break? I'm not tired... but you can if you want, Commandant. Want to play a word game?
General greeting 10
Commandant, stay with me and don't go anywhere... If you get lost, chances are you will never find your way back.
General greeting 11
Commandant, you snagged your jacket... Take it off. I'll fix it! If you want to thank me... just say "Pulao is the best!"
General greeting 12
Cross hands, point fingers, jump, spin, well... This is a dance I learned on the Nighter. I need to brush up on it. Maybe one day I'll be able to stage a show!
General greeting 13
Babylonia is also like a ship that carries everything. People come and people go... but some people leave and are never back again. Commandant, promise me that you will always come back no matter what happens.
General greeting 14
Commandant, could you lend me your hand for a moment? Hmm... Your hand is so warm. Do the scars still hurt? But having scars mean that the wounds are healed and the pain is gone.
General greeting 15
I'm sure that your dream will come true and everyone will return home safe and sound. Then I'll hold your hand and take you on the Nighter to see everybody.
Affection up 1
...Commandant? Is that what they call you?
Affection up 2
I think I should say "thank you," for the sake of politeness.
Affection up 3
Alright, Commandant. I'll keep that in mind.
Affection up 4
What's in it... Eh? I can't shake it?
Affection up 5
I don't have anything interesting here... Shall we do arm wrestling?
Affection up 6
Where in the world did you get all this weird stuff...
Affection up 7
We meet again. I feel like you're not as busy as everyone says you are, Commandant.
Affection up 8
The more gifts, the merrier!
Affection up 9
It's my duty to protect you, but you've been taking care of me instead... Please let me help you!
Affection up 10
Thank you, Commandant. I love this gift!
Affection up 11
By the way, hanging out with you, Commandant... I mean, working with you is so much fun!
Affection up 12
I'll keep it safe... Shall I put it in a box made of fine rosewood? I'm just kidding... Well... I can't afford it...
Affection up 13
Commandant, I think you can give me a test. About what? Well, let me see... About "A hundred details about the Commandant". I'll bet I can get a perfect score!
Affection up 14
They say a gift is a token of appreciation, and I would be very happy if these gifts were a token to show that I've helped you, Commandant.
Affection up 15
I used to think I could only feel safe when I held a weapon, but now, Commandant, holding your hand gives me the courage to face any challenge... Nothing is impossible for us! Am I right, Commandant?
Affection up 16
I would like to open this gift with you, Commandant. One gift is one happiness, but if I share it with you, I'll be able to have double happiness. Isn't that great?
Idle 1
Commandant, look at this... Commandant? Ahem... Comm—an—dant!
Idle 2
You fall asleep, Commandant? That's exactly what a kid would do... Wait... I'm a bit sleepy too...
Idle 3
What are you looking at, Commandant? Is this some kind of meditation training? I'll give it a shot too!
Idle 4
You're too tense, Commandant, and you can only relax a little bit during sleep... But a human may catch a cold sleeping here... I'll put a coat here to keep you warm.
Idle 5
It's actually more relaxing to stay in this small cozy room than in a well-equipped house... There's still room for another person. I'm in, Commandant. Perfect!
Extended connection 1
Commandant... you've been working for too long!
Extended connection 2
Haste makes waste. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Take a break, okay?
Extended connection 3
This toy is an animal called a panda. I know it's cute... but Commandant, your eye circles are almost as dark as a panda's! Please take a break now!
Extended connection 4
Having stiff shoulders, Commandant? Let me give you a massage. Relax, I'll be very gentle... Uh, you look a bit weird... Am I doing it too hard?
Extended connection 5
I have no idea how important the job of a Commandant is, but if you suffer burnout, it would break everyone's heart... especially mine!
Connection made 1
Hello, Commandant, you're also on time today.
Connection made 2
Every time I see you working so hard, I feel like I need to work harder.
Connection made 3
Come on, we got this, Commandant!
Connection made 4
I was really bored before you came, so I was looking for something to do.
Connection made 5
Well, I arrived a little while ago, so I sorted out the papers on this desk. What do you think, Commandant?
Connection made 6
What? That toy is not a lost item... I put it there as a decoration... Am I allowed to do that? Great!
Connection made 7
You think I'm always in good spirits, Commandant? Because this is an important job... and I'm happy to see you every day here, Commandant.
Connection made 8
Commandant, come and sit down over here! Ta-dah! Today is my 100th day as a secretary and we're going to have a special sale event to celebrate this big day! Commandant, just sit here and relax. Leave all the work to me... Huh? It's the wrong date?! Uh... It doesn't matter. Every day I'm here with you is a day to celebrate, right?
Extended offline time 1
Commandant, I was helping you protect everything here while you were away. No one is allowed to touch these things.
Shake 1
Commandant! Look at me! Do I look like a seaweed swimming in the sea?
Shake 2
It's only a tiny little wave in the sea.
Shake 3
What are you, Commandant? A three-year-old?
Quick tap 1
Hey! No sneak attack!
Quick tap 2
Hahahahahah, it tickles!
Quick tap 3
Don't mess my hair up!
Activity at max
You've done a great job today, Commandant.
Battle starts
Pulao of Kowloong. Come with me!
Battle 1
I won't let you guys get away!
Battle 2
I'll try my best!
Battle 3
Power! Strike!
Signature move
Breaker Slash!
Argh... It hurts...
Guys... Watch out!
Knocked out
I don't want to... leave you like this...
Pulao is here!
Battle over
Get lost, one and all, you wicked beings!
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