Selena: Capriccio/Voice

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Debuts in the Recitative de Fantasia patch. · Rank: S-Rank · Class: Amplifier · Element: Physical (10%) Dark (90%) 50%


English VA Mandarin VA Cantonese VA Japanese VA
Judy Lee 柳知萧
Liu Zhi Xiao
Yi5 Yun6
Satomi Satou
Construct joins
Nice to meet you. My name is Selena. If I may... have we met before?
Level up
My skills have been improving. Thank you for your unwavering support.
I have received more than enough praise.
No matter how I look, I am still me... I am still Selena.
Improve skill
I'm one step closer to the rainbow of my dreams.
Equip weapon
It will be the bond that sees us through the storm.
Add to team
It is my honor to perform with you all.
Set as leader
I appreciate you letting me play as the soloist in this concerto.
Mission complete
The performance will only go well if I keep practicing every day.
General greeting 1
I've seen countless wonders of the past during the many archaeological excavations. Even if only dust remains, I'm still overwhelmed by their light.
General greeting 2
Lives are fated to be imperfect. I have stopped sighing or weeping for the mournful past.
General greeting 3
Is there a place for me to practice here...? My apologies, I'm not yet ready to present others with my unpolished flute performance.
General greeting 4
When investigating old art works, I always try to imagine how the people in the past lived and breathed, how they welcomed dusks and dawns... All those passing moments eternalized into ancient artifacts that we hold inside our palms... Isn't that beautiful?
General greeting 5
The tide recedes as the sand drifts while people hum in the corners... I've been listening to their sounds all this way.
General greeting 6
I like this place. It hides me from the tempest... even though one day I shall face them once more.
General greeting 7
Art is a smoke raised with the fume of sighs; Being purged, a fire sparkling in humanity's eyes. I'm still searching for that smoke to this day.
General greeting 8
Are you willing to take some time to listen to my flute performance? Maybe I can play a new sound before you.
General greeting 9
Commandant, have you seen the brief moment an iris blooms? I hope I can offer it my praise the same way people praise the fleeting dawn.
General greeting 10
Opera and art might not be useful on the battlefield, but recording and retelling stories of the passed is enough to bring people comfort... Isn't that meaningful enough?
General greeting 11
If there is an end to this war, what would you like to see? Farmlands, riverbanks, groves, seashore... We can go visit all the places we have yet to see together.
General greeting 12
'Tis fresh morning with me when you are by at night. Please let this morning last a little longer.
General greeting 13
All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players. Even if the stage beneath us shall crumble and fall the next second, I would like to hold your hand and face it with you.
General greeting 14
Where will your journey lead? Whether it is unpathed waters or undreamed shores, I will stay by your side.
General greeting 15
I've traveled on this road for so long that I don't even remember the views when I started. All I remember is that you were there at the beginning and the end.
Affection up 1
Thank you for your generosity.
Affection up 2
Thank you.
Affection up 3
The cause of this fair gift in me is wanting.
Affection up 4
Is this material for research?
Affection up 5
So shines a good deed in a weary world... Sorry, it was just a line.
Affection up 6
How about I play you an excerpt of Canon in return?
Affection up 7
My fingers have been twitching over the flute? It's... just me practicing the finger positions...
Affection up 8
Will you stay for a little bit longer if I can explain the history of this piece here?
Affection up 9
I've been saving the irises you sent me in a cultivation chamber so that I can plant them the next time I'm on the surface. More fitting for it to grace the earth instead of being dissected in a lecture room.
Affection up 10
I feel nervous being so close to you... I'm afraid that you can hear the rising poundings in my M.I.N.D.
Affection up 11
I composed a song recently. Would you like to hear it? It's still a work in progress, but... I want to share it with you first.
Affection up 12
Whenever you gift me something like this, I always seem to receive something more than just a present... There's a curious sound as well.
Affection up 13
Hmm... Please let me know if you ever visit this region on the surface in the future. There is a flower field that I discovered by chance. Yes, only I know about it...
Affection up 14
Can you hear it? The echoing waves in my M.I.N.D... The more I touch you, the louder it is... the more wonderful it sounds.
Affection up 15
In scorn of nature, art gave lifeless life... All of them can come to life when instilled with emotions. Thank you for giving me such a precious life.
Affection up 16
Can you look at me a little bit longer? Meeting your gaze has bathed me in the fountain touched by the holy fire.
Idle 1
Please watch your manners.
Idle 2
Perhaps I can look into how to decorate the theatre so that the audience will get more excited...
Idle 3
I wonder if you'll sing something strange in your dream if you can sleep somewhere like this... I suppose it's fine that I listen in.
Idle 4
Sleep. I'm by your side. May sleep dwell upon thine eyes, peace in thy breast...
Idle 5
So... this is how warm your body is...
Extended connection 1
Extended connection 2
Practicing too long will hurt your body. Time to take a break.
Extended connection 3
I can hear your mind singing... It's saying it's getting tired, and it needs to rest... in a quiet midsummer night's dream...
Extended connection 4
You look tired. Can I invite you to rest with me?
Extended connection 5
Let me wish you a good night. Good night, good night. As sweet repose and rest come to thy heart, as that within my breast.
Connection made 1
...Ah. Good morning.
Connection made 2
Connection made 3
You're here, Conductor. Of course I realize it's you. It's hard to mistake the unique rhythm your clothes make when you walk.
Connection made 4
I feel like I can smell the scent of flowers when I see you... The one on my shoulder? No, that one is just an ornament.
Connection made 5
Good morning. Umm... May I take some of your time for a sonata with me?
Connection made 6
Hmm-hmm... Oh, Conductor, my apologies. I was coming up with a new melody... Right, I was hoping that... you'd listen to it later.
Connection made 7
I like this place and could willingly waste my time in it... Anywhere with you is the Forest of Arden to me.
Connection made 8
You are everything advantageous to the iris. Will you take another look at how she blooms?
Extended offline time 1
Conductor... Conductor... I can finally hear your voice. Please don't leave me alone in the silence...
Shake 1
Shake 2
I have to protect...!
Shake 3
A storm is coming. Please hold on to me...
Quick tap 1
Can we stay like this for a little bit longer...?
Quick tap 2
How... should I respond now?
Quick tap 3
Everywhere you touch me, a flower seems to bloom...
Activity at max
You've done well today. You can relax and take a break now... How about a dance with me?
Battle starts
Everything's ready. The overture begins.
Battle 1
Next is development.
Battle 2
The fantasia begins.
Battle 3
It's time for a minuet.
Signature Move
Thank you for appreciating the cadenza.
I have to finish the performance even if I play out of tune...
Knocked out
Conductor, where are you... I can't hear your voice...
What kind of chorus do you like?
Battle over
I hope the music lingers and comforts the broken souls on this battlefield.
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