Liv: Empyrea/Voice

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Debuts in The Survival Lucem patch. · Rank: S-Rank · Class: Amplifier · Element: Physical (10%) Fire (90%) 50%


English VA Mandarin VA Cantonese VA Japanese VA
Brianna Knickerbocker 多多
Duo Duo
Haan4 Daap6 Ng4 Tung4
Miku Itou
Construct joins
Morning, Commandant. I've been... waiting for you to wake up...
Level up
To be the bargaining chip to trade for thousands of lives, I must keep accumulating it.
A promotion? I don't need it anymore.
Improvement made according to the plan... I have to save more people.
Improve skill
Battle cost reduced... I need to be faster.
Equip weapon
With the enhancement of my weapons, I can prevent more tragedies from happening.
Add to team
I won't let any more of you sacrifice again.
Set as leader
Yes, I'll protect you no matter what...
Mission complete
Mission complete. Loot and payment are sorted and stored in the Warehouse.
General greeting 1
The stars are beautiful because they light up the dark sky. They shine bright in the darkness just like the lives in this apocalyptic world. That's why I hate to see a dead sky... or land.
General greeting 2
Every miracle comes with a price. Numerous lives died in the cold winter in the fight for a peaceful future. I'm not the first but certainly will not be the last.
General greeting 3
I don't care how long I can hold out before I die. I just want to get to everyone a bit earlier. I won't forgive myself for not being there when they need me.
General greeting 4
Light the fire before the dawn. Burn all that I have as long as it can drive away the darkness over the land.
General greeting 5
We have paid a huge price to seize this glimmer of hope...
General greeting 6
There is a shadow even behind those who follow the light. But with you by my side... I feel so warm even when walking in the darkness.
General greeting 7
I had always yearned for a place I could call home before I joined the Gray Raven... That's right. My dream has come true. Every day with the Gray Raven is so happy... So, now it's my turn to protect the dreams of other people.
General greeting 8
Waiting for the frame adjustment to finish feels like a torture. Only my memories with the Gray Raven can ease the pain.
General greeting 9
Lucia rarely brings this up, but she actually cares about what you say. Lee is sometimes very blunt, but he cares about you as much as I do. As long as you and everyone are safe and sound, everything I've done will be worth it.
General greeting 10
Among all the stars in the sky, Polaris is the only one that helps people find their way... This reminds me of the person who is standing before me. This person is bright and attractive, but doesn't belong to anybody alone.
General greeting 11
Prayers, oaths, and miracles are like causes and effects. What keeps me here with you still at this moment is the fierce wish I had in my heart.
General greeting 12
If meeting you is a miracle, is this endless heat in my chest the price for it?
General greeting 13
Although I've long prepared to sacrifice myself and promised to keep the secret, I still want you to wake up and watch me until I reach the end.
General greeting 14
"Understood." "I'm ready." Although I've been saying these words a million times, there is still a faint yet solid feeling from the bottom of my heart when I see you... I guess it must be the longing to be alive.
General greeting 15
No matter how far away the future is and how ephemeral life may be, I will find you in the dark night sky and spend the limited time I have left by your side.
Affection up 1
Thank you, Commandant.
Affection up 2
...I have already taken enough from everyone.
Affection up 3
You will never quit being gentle with others, will you?
Affection up 4
Maybe you can save it for someone who needs it more... What? Me?
Affection up 5
You will always be on my mind even if you don't do anything.
Affection up 6
Share some of your load with me, Commandant. I hate to watch you carrying it all alone.
Affection up 7
Can you promise me one thing, Commandant? Don't forget me no matter what happens.
Affection up 8
I kept everything you gave me. Looking at them always reminds me of you and gives me a warm feeling.
Affection up 9
I can feel your wish stored in my chest. It's warm... As long as you are still here, I'll keep going until I lose all my strength.
Affection up 10
This moment is precious because there isn't much time left to be happy.
Affection up 11
...The lingering chaos in my mind is disappearing... Hmm... Slacking off makes me feel tired... I'm sorry. I can stay with you... Ugh... Phew... Commandant... Commandant...
Affection up 12
Could you get closer to me? Like the dream that will never come true. What's in the dream...? It's a secret.
Affection up 13
Allow me to have more of the warmth...
Affection up 14
I can't embrace all the cold nights in the world, but you can hold me on the coldest night.
Affection up 15
Battle or mission report? No matter what you do, please take me with you. I'm sorry... Will it cause you any trouble?
Affection up 16
Yeah. I love it. The scenery full of the vitality of life. It makes me wonder what Earth will be like with all life restored... and how it feels to stand with you in that future.
Idle 1
So quiet...
Idle 2
...Phew. Looks like Commandant is asleep. You must be exhausted...
Idle 3
Commandant?! Commandant! Just sleeping, is it...
Idle 4
Now that you're asleep, it should be fine if I get closer... Wah! Commandant...! Have you been awake all this time?
Idle 5
It's fine. Have some rest. I'm happy as long as you are here with me.
Extended online time 1
Commandant, you are working overtime. Please have some rest.
Extended online time 2
Please get closer so that I can heal you and make you feel better, Commandant.
Extended connection 3
Sorry... You must be exhausted because I'm not good enough to share the burden.
Extended connection 4
I will not bother you if you are only here for rest, not work. But it seems you are still working on the missions... So I guess you already know what I'm going to say...
Extended connection 5
You need to stay healthy to embrace the future with everyone else. Please take care of yourself even if... you don't have me here to remind you of that.
Connection made 1
Your mission agenda is ready, Commandant. Please have a look.
Connection made 2
Now the decisive hope has appeared. You don't need to worry so much. I'll take care of everything and won't let them down.
Connection made 3
You are here. Hm? Surprised that you didn't scare me from behind? After all the training I had with the Gray Raven, I can tell you are here no matter how quietly you walk.
Connection made 4
Welcome back! I guess I can have a peaceful day today. Huh? Why did I say that? Nothing... Now that you're back, nothing really matters.
Connection made 5
Please stay a little longer before "daybreak" arrives.
Connection made 6
Morning, did you sleep well? Yes... I've been waiting for you here. No. There are no urgencies. It's just I had a bad dream where everything was fine but I couldn't find you... Just like the other day.
Connection made 7
Even if a lone lamb can carry thousands of prayers, it still searches for the shepherd within its sight. Welcome back, Commandant.
Connection made 8
I had a good dream yesterday. In the dream, life was restored on Earth, there were flowers everywhere in the ruins, and people were laughing happily... you were among them. Huh? Me?
Extended offline time 1
Long time no see, Commandant. All the nightmares came back here again while you were away. But I could only wait for you like the day you fell asleep... If possible, could you promise me that you won't leave me for so long?
Shake 1
Emergency? Is it a prank, Commandant?
Shake 2
Please come back to me, Commandant!
Shake 3
I will protect everyone!
Quick tap 1
What's wrong? Don't worry... I'm here with you.
Quick tap 2
You woke me up like this on that day...
Quick tap 3
You've got a warm hand, Commandant. It's embarrassing to say this, but I don't hate your touch.
Activity at max
Your Activity has reached the max limit. Please have some rest... or let me do something for you.
Battle starts
The apocalypse will be gone with me.
Battle 1
The fire of purity will bring redemption.
Battle 2
I'm already capable of doing it.
Battle 3
Flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.
Signature 1
Hardship has been destroyed in the burning flames.
Signature 2
Hope has been reborn in the ashes.
...I can handle this.
...This is not over yet...
Knocked out
...I'm sorry... I failed...
Support target confirmed.
Leave it to me.
Battle over
Rest. Be free from the cage of suffering.
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