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Debuts in The Survival Lucem patch. · Rank: S-Rank · Class: Amplifier · Element: Physical (10%) Fire (90%) 50%



BPN-08. Frame: Empyrea. Type: Amplifier. A brand new specialized frame developed by the Science Council that is capable of "purifying" the Punishing Virus. Theoretically, Empyrea can absorb the Punishing Virus and eliminate it with the Omega Weapon installed within the frame.


Integrated with the data retrieved from a certain agent, Empyrea has unavoidably inherited some of that agent's traits. As the information recorded in the Punishing Virus would flow into Liv's M.I.N.D. along with the "purification", Liv has virtually experienced the sufferings many people have went through during the virus outbreak.


"...For the good of humanity." After switching her frame, Liv has grown empathy and compassion for all living beings in the world. With her unconditional love, Liv resolves to fight for humanity even if it means sacrificing her own future.


The wings attached to the frame were Liv's idea. Made of incredibly durable but lightweight materials, those wings are capable of maintaining flying stability when the frame operates at a high power level. They can also form a shield whenever necessary.


"This is my answer, my choice... I'll never give up." Liv has never regretted the decisions she made. To protect the ones she loves, she has no fear of death or what it may cost to live on. She will keep going with a smile no matter what horrible mirages and migraines await her in the future.


Just like Liv wields her weapon in hand for the ones she cherishes, there are those who always stand beside her in order to protect her wish. Together they will face the future lying ahead. In the river of memories, Liv has extended her hand toward her own wish.

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