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Debuts in the Recitative de Fantasia patch. · Rank: S-Rank · Class: Amplifier · Element: Physical (10%) Dark (90%) 50%



Originally designed for Selena, Capriccio used to be a back-up frame that was still in the stage of initial assembly and adaptation. After Selena became M.I.A. in the space station, the development of this frame was halted until later restarted by an artist's request.


The artist was also personally involved in the frame's exterior design, of which the flower-shaped decoration on its chest became the most unique element. The designer also claimed that part of the design concept came from Selena herself.


"How I wish... she can see this with her own eyes." Most of Capriccio's data came from a wide-area sound wave detector in Babylonia.


The detector found a single, moving source that was continuously broadcasting music excerpts that were suspected to be created by Selena. The artist called this source "whale song". It had been constantly moving in a irregular pattern which was extremely difficult to trace.


As the name suggests, "Capriccio" is a sleeping vessel quietly awaiting its master, but her soul is always living with the whale song on the earth.


Perhaps one day the wandering whale song will realize that someone has been following her and singing the same songs, then she will know she has never been alone.

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