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Debuts in the Recitative de Fantasia patch. · Rank: S-Rank · Class: Amplifier · Element: Physical (10%) Dark (90%) 50%



Generic Coatings

The default outfit given to Constructs when they were manufactured.

The outfit designed by awakened Constructs to their liking after gaining the permission to do so.

The outfit modified by Constructs after they reach the ultimate awakening phase. Perfectly resembles the characteristics of their M.I.N.D.

Alternate Coatings

Fantasy Harmony - Not knowing how many years she has been waiting and entangled in thorns, Iris is finally bathed in the bright sunlight and bloom in front of the one that she has been missing for so long. However, when that person reaches the flower, the petals suddenly fall and become dust, leaving only a faint singing lingering in the dream.

Ephemeral Euphony - She gazes at the morning dew at dawn and starry sky at night. When Spring arrives, she wanders along the melting river; when autumn comes, she touches the fallen petals. On rainy days, the girl plays her music alone in the secluded temple, waiting for the sun to rise again. Accompanied by the sky and four seasons, she grasps the remaining fragments. No matter how far they are apart from each other and if the world responds to her invocation, she will keep praying for the one she misses. The rain gradually eases off in the sound of her flute. When dawn comes, the bell rings too. When the sky clears, flowers will bloom again.


Character List
Character List
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