Liv: Empyrea/Secrets

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Debuts in The Survival Lucem patch. · Rank: S-Rank · Class: Amplifier · Element: Physical (10%) Fire (90%) 50%


Empyrea's Secret 1

As the patients in the Star of Life do not know Liv's name, they privately call her "Angel", and Liv is completely unaware of that.

Empyrea's Secret 2

Liv is grateful to have Empyrea as she feels like she finally has the strength to change everything. Regrettably, Liv is unable to save more lives since she is not able to use the frame for too long.

Empyrea's Secret 3

Beneath her gentleness, Liv is actually enduring the side effects caused by M.I.N.D. overload and corruption. She never tells anyone of the sufferings, pains and partings she experiences in her M.I.N.D.

Empyrea's Secret 4

Empyrea's initial hover height is a bit higher than Luminance's, which occasionally makes Liv feel dizzy. Therefore, when she is on standby, she lowers the hover height as much as she can.

Empyrea's Secret 5

After switching her frame, Liv seems to gain the ability to draw in small animals, especially birds.

Empyrea's Secret 6

Liv thinks about life after the war from time to time. She pictures all her cherished friends and companions having a fulfilling future. However, that future rarely has her in it.

Empyrea's Secret 7

Because of it's Omega Weapon, Empyrea has a slightly higher temperature than all of Liv's previous frames. That is why it is more noticeable when Liv's cheeks blush.

Empyrea's Secret 8

Before her last mission, Liv sent her sheep plushie that she used to sleep with in the maintenance chamber to a youth development center.

Empyrea's Secret 9

Liv was once a helper at a greenhouse in Babylonia. When talking to the staff there, she would unintentionally bring up the nicknames she had given to the plants she took care of, just like she remembers everyone she has helped in the past.

Empyrea's Secret 10

Flower shop owner, forest ranger... Liv talked to Commandant about her childhood dreams from time to time after going back to Babylonia. Now as a Construct, she has saved the innocent, protected the conservation zones for humanity, and become a symbol of hope for everyone... "You've realized your childhood dreams another way," said her dearest commandant.

Empyrea's Secret 11

Liv always reminds herself not to turn her back to Commandant as she feels embarrassed about it.

Empyrea's Secret 12

The sentence that appears most frequently in the paper queen of the night is "Commandant was still asleep today".

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