Roland: Flambeau/Secrets

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Debuts in the Evernight Beat patch. · Rank: S-Rank · Class: Vanguard · Element: Physical (20%) Fire (80%) 50%


Flambeau's Secret 1

He can speak a lot of different languages but not fluently, only some specific words and proverbs. However, he would sometimes throw out words people don't understand on purpose to rile them up and see how they react.

Flambeau's Secret 2

He is focused on the mission and can carry out mission relentlessly for 24 hours without rest. Even though this usually overworks his frame, his M.I.N.D. is already used to this feeling.

Flambeau's Secret 3

Proficient in popular culture, from music to visual arts and games, Roland can hold his own in a conversation with experts in those categories. Though he appears to be indifference about these cultures.

Flambeau's Secret 4

Cultured in literature and plays of the old and present. If you ask him what's his favorite work, he will give you a different answer every day, but "His Own Life" will forever remain the work he detests the most.

Flambeau's Secret 5

Contrary to popular belief, Roland possesses common sense. He can easily find the flaws in others' logic and criticize them. Even the most perfect people would be left questioning themselves after his verbal assault. he refers to this as finding fault just for the sake of it.

Flambeau's Secret 6

His words always have other meanings underneath, but if the other party really cannot pick up on the true meanings, he treats them like children, giving them candy, making funny faces, and even performing magic tricks to amuse them.

Flambeau's Secret 7

He has complicated feelings toward "family." He gets destructive when he sees scenes such as family reunions, but he doesn't always act on these emotions, there are times that he actually sends his blessings as well.

Flambeau's Secret 8

Being an actor once, he is skilled at smiling. He can retain his smile in different situations while expressing numerous other emotions. No one knows his true feelings when he slips on his mask of a smile.

Flambeau's Secret 9

He cares about his appearance, and everything he wears has been "elaborately planned," but his fashion senses are somewhat different from normal people's. If required, he is very willing to help others dress.

Flambeau's Secret 10

A method actor who has mastered the skill to talk to "himself." He is always found talking to himself even with others around, making it hard for others to know for sure if he's making fun of them or just engrossed in his conversations with himself.

Flambeau's Secret 11

He can call out up to 6 different periods of himself in his M.I.N.D. for a "roundtable discussion" to decide on the next step of action if needed. Codenames for these Rolands are R, O, L, A, N, and D, respectively - at least, this is what he claims.

Flambeau's Secret 12

He is skilled in arts and crafts, and his real hobby is making hand puppets and plush toys. One may be able to catch a glimpse of his true self from these furry little actors he makes. However, it has been quite some time since he last indulged in this hobby of his.

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