Roland: Flambeau/Voice

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Debuts in the Evernight Beat patch. · Rank: S-Rank · Class: Vanguard · Element: Physical (20%) Fire (80%) 50%


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Alan Lee 冷泉夜月
Leng Quan Ye Yue
Luk1 Ban1
Koji Yusa
Construct joins
Hola amigo! I'm Roland. You know why I'm here, don't you? Haha, nah, you don't. You have absolute no idea. Anyway, I'll be at your service from now on.
Level up
Alright alright. Frame upgraded. By the way, have you heard of a story about a farmer raising a cold-blooded animal?
Promoted? Shackling yourselves with ranks - what a fascinating human thing to do. Well then, I'm looking forward to what you and your advanced shackles would do with a plaything like me.
If you replace all my parts, one after the other, forming a new frame, will I live on like a newborn baby?
Improve skill
My battle skills are better. Train me more. I'll not return your favor.
Equip weapon
This feels good. A lovely tool for a tool.
Add to team
Alright alright. I'll execute your orders to the letter. But you better keep an eye on me at the same time.
Set as leader
Ladies and gentlemen, the show is about to begin!
Mission complete
Mission complete. Here is your reward, a meaningless mechanical red flower... Haha, just kidding.
General greeting 1
Wonder what my wish is? The end of the world, the ravages of the Punishing Virus, the suffering of all living souls on Earth... How do you like my answer? Is it in line with your perception of me?
General greeting 2
I talk too much? Don't worry, I'll be more careful in the future. Hm... I feel like someone said that to me a long time ago too, but he's... What do you think happened to him?
General greeting 3
Loyalty. What a good word! Stop thinking and follow the orders of others, letting them decide on what to do. Feels so easy. Oh? Don't give me that look! I was just missing a former "friend" of mine.
General greeting 4
Hola! Haha, I like the look on your face! I know your memories of me saying "Hola!" aren't very pleasant. But from now on, you'll have more memories related to it. Stay tuned!
General greeting 5
I'll always be transparent with you, so feel free to throw your questions at me. From the truth behind the Ascnet to my quirky little habits, anything. As long as you're ready to pay the price... Hahaha, just kidding.
General greeting 6
Let's play a game. Imagine we are commoners kidnapped by an evil organization living in a world without the Punishing Virus. We are on the same boat, and we have promised each other to get out together. Done? Alright. Now go out and face the reality again.
General greeting 7
THola, amigo! Haha, I've been wearing this mask for so long that it's not even a mask anymore. The phrases I say behind it just slip out naturally now. How would you treat a jester like me?
General greeting 8
Have you heard of the "Nolmo Organization"? In the Golden Age, there were a group of people who messed around at the risk of their own lives and even others' lives. Guess if I was one of them? Haha, of course, not. The "Nolmo Organization" is a phrase I just fabricated.
General greeting 9
Humans are good at telling stories. I have read a lot of them. They are all made up but sound so convincing just because they are based on the authors' personal experiences and imagination. Some stories are so well told that other humans will even follow the advice they give. Don't you agree?
General greeting 10
I've watched this Babylonia recovering Earth play so many times. The characters struggled, degenerated, and went crazy. Interesting, but lengthy. So lengthy that it actually immersed the audience in it and made them reluctant to leave.
General greeting 11
To have a reason to live is a dream that hasn't changed for me. A play, the Ascnet, they were the reasons others gave me. But now you ask me to give myself a reason? This is such a cruel thing... an honor for a jester.
General greeting 12
I have read so many boring stories, but none of them are as boring as my life. However, with you entering my life, it has now become a little bit more interesting. Haha, how should I... how should I describe this?
General greeting 13
Constructs feel the world via devices. Maybe the person I see with my eyes is not the real you but the you touched up by a program... Well, never mind. I've already seen who you really are.
General greeting 14
Performers can't change the plots of a play, and they shouldn't have that ambition as well. But there is a performer who wants you on the stage a little longer to the point that he wishes the play could end right at this moment. Nah. Forget it. I was kidding.
General greeting 15
"If only we had met sooner..." Humans always love to fantasize like that. Though lines like that are quite easy to say in some situations, like... now.
Affection up 1
Let me see what I should say at this very moment if I were one of you... "Thank you for your kindness. I promise I'll do my best in future battles!"... Does that sound good to you?
Affection up 2
O-M-G, that's so nice of you! Thank you so much! I'll gladly take this gift of yours.
Affection up 3
Humans seek meaning in things yet end up seeking profits in them. I wonder what profits you see in me?
Affection up 4
Of course I'll accept all your gifts! I'll even do anything - anything - for you... as long as you're ready for the consequences.
Affection up 5
The kindness you cast into the void will be returned with the void. Does a Babylonian commandant have the luxury to waste good stuff like this?
Affection up 6
I wonder if all commandants in Babylonia are so nice.
Affection up 7
(Sigh) Fine, being treated equally like a friend is kind of new to me.
Affection up 8
(Sigh) What exactly do you expect from the void? What am I supposed to do if you keep acting like this...?
Affection up 9
Hmm... Wonder why I'm staring at you? Nothing. I was just trying to figure out what you really want. Have I figured it out? Of course, not.
Affection up 10
I just can't help laughing every time you pull something out. What? I laugh all the time? Hahaha, yeah, right.
Affection up 11
Have you heard of a theory that says the more you observe a person, the more you will care about the person, and the more you will suffer if that person is not with you? Hmm, I wonder how long I can stay with you.
Affection up 12
I know I should appreciate all the gifts people gave me. But somehow I have become picky about your gifts... Or should I say that I have started to expect your gifts?
Affection up 13
I used to think a virtual like me should not be moved by words, but you surprised me. It feels so ironic. What are you gonna do with a virtual that has developed feelings?
Affection up 14
Maybe I should reciprocate your passion by being more honest. The gifts I want are love, justice, dreams... Hahaha, just kidding. I don't need those because I've already found a replacement for them.
Affection up 15
Since I can't figure out what you're thinking, are you interested in guessing what I'm thinking? Tell me why a clown would act like a loyal knight just because someone was nice to him.
Affection up 16
Let me tell you a lie. I used to be popular and thus received many gifts. Out of them, there were boring ones and weird and scary ones. The one you gave me doesn't fall into any of the types I just mentioned. Now guess which part I lied about.
Idle 1
Dreaming a sweet dream? I guess I'd better not disturb you before you are woken up by something more dangerous... Hahaha.
Idle 2
Dreams are the easiest to have and the hardest to achieve for humans. Don't you worry about waking up to a world destroyed by the Punishing Virus if you keep indulging yourself in your dream?
Idle 3
You could end up being like some of the Corrupted if you keep slacking off like this... Haha, but that guy is doing not so bad at the moment.
Idle 4
If you can let yourself go like this in front of me, then maybe I can do the same as well... Phew, I'll sit next to you and watch the marks you got on your face.
Idle 5
Aw, look at you sleep. If you knew that I was holding your hand right now, what would you do in your dreams? What excuses should I make when you wake up? Or perhaps, you would allow me to continue holding your hand...?
Extended connection 1
Working towards a goal tirelessly even though it could be an illusion. how pathetic. Haha, I wasn't talking about you. I just thought of who I used to be.
Extended connection 2
I know about dozens of ways that can make humans stay on track and work nonstop even when they're lack of sleep for a long time. They all worked for me. Wanna have a try? But all of them will inevitably cause permanent damage to your body.
Extended connection 3
Feeling tired? Right. I have some bedtime fairytales. Wanna listen? Although they are the type that could give people nightmares. I believe you are the type of person who could find goodness in nightmares.
Extended connection 4
It's widely believed that people tend to make wrong decisions when they are tired. So - hypothetically speaking - say I pretend to be a good Construct right now, will you take it as who I really am?
Extended connection 5
Oh, you're so tired that you can't even make the correct judgements? How can I ever pass up on this perfect opportunity? Come over here and rest. Yes, that's it, right by my side. It doesn't matter if you're mistaking me for someone else. I can play the part of the one who can ease you to sleep...
Connection made 1
"Greetings Commandant! Roland at your service!"... Haha, did I scare you? I thought you would like that.
Connection made 2
Good timing. I happen to think of some old stories. Wanna listen? I promise you won't want to talk to me for the rest of the day if you stick to the end.
Connection made 3
Happy to see you here. Let's take a photo to remember this day! But it seems that my projection device just can't catch your image. What a shame.
Connection made 4
Hey! Wanna hear a hypothesis that was popular in the Golden Age? Could it be that I was just created several seconds before you came?
Connection made 5
Ciao! Hahaha, I can't help looking forward to seeing you as long as I'm here. I'm telling the truth. Well, at least for today.
Connection made 6
I thought seriously about what I should do to make you come here more often, but it seems there's nothing I can do other than talking to you like this.
Connection made 7
Here to see me again? Why are you so obsessed with an illusion like me? Does that mean that you've already taken me as a real...?
Connection made 8
Good morning. Looks like I won't be wasting away today since you're here. So, is there something you have in mind for us to achieve together? Yes, the two of us together.
Extended offline time 1
Everything becomes stagnant and unreal when you're not around... Who would mind wasting time that isn't real?
Shake 1
Oh, dear me! I seem to have tripped and fallen. Now my frame is going to stop functioning, and there's nothing I can do other than wait for you to help me... Stop being ridiculous? Sigh, I thought you were looking forward to scenarios like this.
Shake 2
Haha. Why don't you shake me harder? And the parts in my body would all burst out like a soda in the Golden Age. That will definitely make a good scene, right?
Shake 3
Wanna catch me off guard so badly? Maybe you should try with words instead of doing so.
Quick tap 1
Your obsession with what you are doing makes me wonder if there is a button that could make you rich immediately. But could that button also end the world a few hundred years later?
Quick tap 2
Honestly, this feels itchy. If I hadn't wanted to see the look on your face, I would have fallen to the ground wriggling. Yeah, definitely. Alright, alright. You win. Please stop.
Quick tap 3
I understand that humans tend to use the sensation of touch to confirm the existence of others. Since that's the case, why not try touching me in other ways too?
Activity at max
Activity at max! What an amazing achievement. What on earth is it that motivates you?
Battle starts
Show me how you would use your tool.
Battle 1
Where are you going?
Battle 2
Let me hear more of the real screams!
Battle 3
The audience are watching you.
Signature Move
This is the climax of the play!
Should I show more pain in my acting?
Knocked out
Ha, like I said, illusions are illusions...
Then let me play a part for a bit.
Here to watch a clown show?
Battle over
This is the end. Are you happy with this farce?
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