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Debuts in the Evernight Beat patch. · Rank: S-Rank · Class: Vanguard · Element: Physical (20%) Fire (80%) 50%



Roland was a commoner born during the Golden Age. There are records of him in the form of old movie posters. He used to appear around the world as an "Ascendant."


As a test subject for early Constructs, Roland's frame performance was not very impressive. This has led him to hone his reflexes and tactical skills to in order to compensate for it. These experiences have allowed him to utilize his current frame to the fullest. As for where he got his current frame from, he doesn't seem eager to share.


Roland is very serious once he decides on a goal, as he will do anything to see it through. No matter what he will sacrifice or what damage it will do to the world, he will not stop until his goal is achieved. This can be seen from all his past confrontations with Gray Raven.


"The show is about to begin!" Maybe because Roland used to be an actor, his speech is always melodramatic, even when he is alone. It is as if he lives under a perpetual spotlight with cameras locking on to his every move.


Roland scoffs at grand narratives, but he does applaud those who still possess a strong will and clear goal after knowing the truth. of course, that doesn't mean he would help them.


"You have an order for me? It shall be done. Haha, have a little faith in me." Everything Roland does or says always has multiple meanings. One must be careful to weed the truth out of his sea of lies. His true intentions, however, will forever remain a mystery.

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