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Debuts in The Last Spark patch. · Rank: S-Rank · Class: Tank · Element: Physical (15%) Lightning (85%) 50%



This is not Vera's first time using this frame. Before it officially came into service, Vera was already using it in special "assignments" under Commander Nikola's order. Compared with the Support type Rozen, Garnet is a Tank unit and hence is more suitable for solo breakthrough tasks and battles against Constructs.


"If Death exists to kill, then what is the point of such killing?" Vera's creed is to complete the missions that she must complete and slay the enemies that must be slayed. Only she gets to decide what classifies as "must" - it is her code and her responsibility.


This frame once used a katana similar to Rozen's as its standard weapon in consideration of Vera's weapon proficiency, but such thin weapons did not go along with the frame's combat style. She later advised to change it into the current signature banner spear.


"No one is allowed to die as long as my banner is still standing." This banner once existed as a symbol of heroism and the undying hope of the battlefield. The old hero may be gone, but the banner is still standing tall in the very frontline, guiding numerous anonymous heroes in their relentless fighting.


Many unconventional parts were used in the production of this frame. they did not interfere with regular maintenance, but still caused a lot of concern for Bridget from the Support Force. She always urged Vera to try and avoid injuries - which never worked.


"Perhaps you are right, that one day our battle will come to an end. Will this pain still be around?" Vera is still haunted by the never-ending agony, which she once relied on solely. But she is also beginning to have hope that she cannot abandon apart from endless fighting and pain.

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Character List
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