Vera: Garnet/Voice

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Debuts in The Last Spark patch. · Rank: S-Rank · Class: Tank · Element: Physical (15%) Lightning (85%) 50%


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Dawn M. Bennett 江月
Jiang Yue
YUI 井上麻里奈
Marina Inoue
Construct joins
It's you... Looks like I won't get bored for a bit while.
Level up
I'm surprised this frame can be upgraded with Babylonia's technology as well...
It'd be silly of you to even consider controlling me with military ranks.
If you could change yourself that way... Hmph, what a flight of cute fancy.
Improve skill
This frame is... not bad once you've been attuned to it.
Equip weapon
This weapon is special? ...Yet, a weapon's a weapon. It only brings pain and death.
Add to team
You owe me one now, Commandant.
Set as leader
I'm the leader? ...Whatever, it won't last long anyway.
Mission complete
To be honest, you're more useful to me than No. 21 and Noctis.
General greeting 1
Would you mind stepping aside a bit? This is NOT your own place.
General greeting 2
It's getting boring here...
General greeting 3
Unless it's about missions, I have no interest in getting alone with anyone—including you—here.
General greeting 4
I'm wondering if all elite commandants would always goof around like you.
General greeting 5
Don't you even have a proper chair here?
General greeting 6
Coffee? Ha... make it yourself. By the way, no need to put sugar in mine.
General greeting 7
I don't need you, but you need me. Don't you ever forget that.
General greeting 8
You'd better have a medic with you if you like risking your life... Me as your medic? Sure, if you like pain...
General greeting 9
(Yawns) Hey, tell me a joke. Anything as long as it's fun... (Chuckles) That's fine. I just want to see you racking your brain.
General greeting 10
I never expect anyone to understand me. But if you'd like to do so, be prepared, mentally and... physically.
General greeting 11
At a time like this, no one knows when they're going to die. I'd wager many will give a clap for my passing. But if you'd died... many would've cried for you. So, try not to lose your life.
General greeting 12
I know, I know... I won't go anywhere, okay?
General greeting 13
Say my name... Put more feeling into it... I like you calling my name. Vera... Vera... Hmm, not bad.
General greeting 14
If No. 21 asks you for some gossip about us, just ignore her... What gossip? Hmph, something not worth mentioning.
General greeting 15
Does it hurt? You shouldn't have trained too much... (Sighs) I wish I could bear your pain. That pain would be our eternal bond, proof that we've lived in this world together.
Affection up 1
I've never put a bet on anyone else, including you.
Affection up 2
Don't you know a useless gift is just trash?
Affection up 3
Seems like I've finally remembered your face.
Affection up 4
Put it there. No. 21 will check what's inside for me.
Affection up 5
You again... Are these frequent visits intentional?
Affection up 6
Here we go again. Let me guess... It's the same gift as last time, isn't it?
Affection up 7
I don't like idiots... idiots die quickly. I hope you're not one of them.
Affection up 8
You enjoy giving me gifts and I enjoy receiving your gifts. It's a win-win game for us.
Affection up 9
Tests? I thought we're past that stage already.
Affection up 10
Let me give you something back as a token of my appreciation... How about a little secret of Noctis? ...No? A hint of wariness seems to still exist in you.
Affection up 11
Perhaps one day, I won't be called Death anymore because of you... After all, you and I are pretty close, and you're still breathing, aren't you?
Affection up 12
Being that generous to me without asking for rewards... They say free is expensive. What you want is indeed very costly.
Affection up 13
In the end, you still return to me... Perhaps I'll tryly be gone one day. If that's fine with you... You're a real silly dummy, but in a cute way.
Affection up 14
You should've had something more important to do than giving me a gift, shouldn't you?
Affection up 15
I used to think everything had its price and nothing was "priceless." But you made me realize I was wrong. So... am I "priceless" to you? If your answer displeases me, you'll regret being born with a mouth.
Affection up 16
What's wrong with being greedy? I won't be satisfied unless someone is willing to give me their future, their life, their fate, and their responsibilities...
Idle 1
Hey... Wake up.
Idle 2
I'm surprised you had the guts to zone out on me...
Idle 3
Hah. Sleep tight. I'll go find some "fun" for myself.
Idle 4
Let me think... What would be your excuse if someone came in and found you were slacking?
Idle 5
Your sleeping face... It was too cute to disturb. Anyway, you should get more rest, my commandant.
Extended connection 1
I'll be rooting for you.
Extended connection 2
I feel tired just by looking at it...
Extended connection 3
You've pushed yourself too hard... Why not just leave everything to your subordinates?
Extended connection 4
...Time for you to take a rest. No one will dare say a word if you're loafing around with me.
Extended connection 5
Do you seriously have that much workload? Or... you just want to stay with me?
Connection made 1
Oh, you're here...
Connection made 2
I'll be gone if you're three more minutes late. What a pity...
Connection made 3
Come to think of it, I do see you every day.
Connection made 4
Huh, I'd rather go on a mission than waste time here.
Connection made 5
Wouldn't you grow tired of seeing the same face again and again? Me? Well, it doesn't bother me anyway...
Connection made 6
A promise is a promise. I'll be here until I see you again.
Connection made 7
Next appointment? You know I'm not staying here to help you schedule appointments, don't you?
Connection made 8
It's just the two of us. Why don't we share some little intimate secrets? Like... what am I to you...
Extended offline time 1
Hmph... A bird finally back home.
Shake 1
You're really a little one burning with curiosity, aren't you?
Shake 2
Oh... It's you, isn't it?
Shake 3
Others might be scared to death... But it's not gonna work for me.
Quick tap 1
You'd better stop before I lose my temper...
Quick tap 2
There will be a high price to pay for laying a finger on me...
Quick tap 3
So... you don't want your fingers anymore, do you?
Activity at max
Wow, so impressive.
Battle starts
Follow my lead... There's nothing to be afraid of.
Battle 1
Show me your miserable struggle, you piece of junk!
Battle 2
Don't you dare get in my way!
Battle 3
I'm gonna enjoy crushing every one of you to pieces!
Wherever I stand, it's my battlefield!
C'mon, keep them coming!
The flag will never be broken...
Knocked out
This fight... is not over...
Finally comes a melee!
Poor thing... I'll give you a quick death.
Battle over
Even victory itself has to yield to me. What do you say?
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