No.21: XXI/Voice

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Debuts in the Inscription of Labyrinth patch. · Rank: A-Rank · Class: Tank · Element: Physical (20%) Dark (80%) 50%


English VA Mandarin VA Cantonese VA Japanese VA
Sarah Williams 钱琛
Qian Chen
P 水瀬いのり
Inori Minase
Construct joins
My name is No. 21. This is Gray Raven, isn't it? As per Captain's order, I'm here to "infiltrate the rival squad"... Hmm? I shouldn't have said it out loud?
Level up
Functional experimental data added. Increase one testable level.
Promotion? Is it a new experiment?
Rank-up experiment completed.
Improve skill
Operating system updated. Experimental data... recorded.
Equip weapon
Here you are, Buddy.
Add to team
So, whose "ass" am I gonna "kick" this time?
Set as leader
I'll show you how to squeeze every last drop of value out of a person. Yay.
Mission complete
Test data collection completed.
General greeting 1
...No. 21, refining the observation records.
General greeting 2
Do you see that line... on the floor, near your feet? That's my boundary. You're not allowed to cross it.
General greeting 3
...You want to chat? What is this "chatting"? I do not comprehend.
General greeting 4
Names are nothing but a designation. No. 21 is my designation.
General greeting 5
This place is as capacious as the institute...
General greeting 6
Its designation is "Snow". Noctis suggested calling it "Georgievich Paustovsky", but I thought "Snore" suited it better... Oh, a new one just flashed through my mind...
General greeting 7
Captain... Commandant... Noctis... Captain... Commandant... Together... Feeling good.
General greeting 8
Short circuit? I know nothing of it. I only wanted to turn the lights on, so I pulled down all the levels.
General greeting 9
...Sometimes it still feels like there is a faint smell of disinfectant in the air.
General greeting 10
My boundary... has already expanded to the base's entrance. This is my territory now.
General greeting 11
You have a human scent... Some have it, some don't. Like Vera and the Constructs around you. Did they get that scent from you? If I get closer to you, will I smell like a human, too? I want to have a human scent on me.
General greeting 12
Sniff... It's the real commandant... Buddy, do not attack.
General greeting 13
...I allow you to give Buddy a new designation.
General greeting 14
Is the institute a quiet place, too? Not really. But here... I can hear your heartbeats. Thump-thump... Thump-thump...
General greeting 15
What do I desire? Are you telling me to do what I want? Then I'm taking you away. That's what I want right now.
Affection up 1
I will never betray my captain.
Affection up 2
I don't need it.
Affection up 3
What are you doing?
Affection up 4
Is this some kind of experiment?
Affection up 5
You're a "good buddy." I don't hate it.
Affection up 6
...Is this a decoy to lure me into your trap? I've seen this hunting strategy before. You won't be able to trick me with it.
Affection up 7
I think Buddy... is starting to like you, too.
Affection up 8
This is not supposed to be used for power measurement? Oh... I used it that way last time.
Affection up 9
I think I had that dream last night again... that pure white dream.
Affection up 10
The content in the broadcast just now doesn't exist in the database. Yet... it's interesting.
Affection up 11
Warning, frame data errors d-detected. Vital fluid t-temperature rising.
Affection up 12
I've got nothing to repay you besides fighting for you on the battlefield.
Affection up 13
It seems... you've hunted me down...
Affection up 14
Munch... I've heard from a machine that biting someone's cheek is a way of showing gratitude... I shouldn't do that to everyone casually? ...What's "casually"?
Affection up 15
Even if you're gone... It's okay. I remember your scent. Wherever you go, I'll find you.
Affection up 16
...Don't go.
Idle 1
A void period of time... I'm already quite used to it.
Idle 2
Have you been taken to some kind of experiment?
Idle 3
...Oh, you still have vital signs.
Idle 4
You look exhausted. Need Buddy to freshen you up? I can help too, if you don't mind.
Idle 5
Yawn... You seem to be sleeping well at this location. I'm crouching here to try it out myself.
Extended connection 1
Based on the experimental data, you've already reached maximum connection time. You're advised to cut the connection off now.
Extended connection 2
Why are you hanging around here all the time? Is anything good here?
Extended connection 3
If you stay connected without any break, your body will eventually be destroyed.
Extended connection 4
There were 20 of me before I was born... But they were all scrapped because of malfunctions. Commandant... please don't break down.
Extended connection 5
It hurts after you've fought again and again... But I'm used to it now... So don't worry, you can leave. I'll defend this place with Buddy.
Connection made 1
Connection made 2
Hey, worthless junk—that's how Captain greets everyone.
Connection made 3
Hmph, Gray Raven Commandant.
Connection made 4
...Hmph, you're here.
Connection made 5
Gray Raven Commandant Observation Record: Commandant has come over today as well... Oh, it's just a task Captain assigned to me.
Connection made 6
Buddy just asked me when you will come over again.
Connection made 7
Good morning. Why did I climb up the pole? It's a chameleon's courtship behavior... Hmm? Why can't I do this?
Connection made 8
...How am I supposed to express this feeling? Is this love? What is love? Should I smile at a time like this?
Extended offline time 1
Did you find a new organization out there? Could you take me there with you?
Shake 1
Hmmmm... Hm... Hm... Hm...
Shake 2
Experiment error... Frame unresponsive...
Shake 3
Quick tap 1
Quick tap 2
Quick tap 3
Hmm... Head... head pat is... UwU...
Activity at max
All tests completed. Entering standby mode.
Battle starts
Let's go, Buddy.
Battle 1
Can I crush it? I can crush it, right?
Battle 2
There's nowhere for test subjects to flee.
Battle 3
Destruction begins. Hahahahaha!
Ugh! The experiments... continue.
I... don't want to be scrapped.
Knocked out
Am I going to be... a failure...?
Roger, "I'm gonna kick their asses."
Surround the enemy.
Battle over
No. 21 survived and destroyed all enemies.
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