Chrome: Glory/Voice

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Debuts in the Imprisoned Sight patch. · Rank: S-Rank · Class: Tank · Element: Physical (20%) Ice (80%) 50%


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Brett Calo 大白
Da Bai
ken 平川大輔
Daisuke Hirakawa
Construct joins
Chrome of Strike Hawk, reporting for duty. Glad to meet you, Commandant. I shall assist you in your missions for the time being.
Level up
There's no resting from improving ourselves.
I will not fail the trust that comes with this recognition. Thank you for the honor, Commandant.
Frame synchronization and control stability rising... Future missions will benefit.
Improve skill
Much appreciated, Commandant. I have learned a lot.
Equip weapon
Cylinder, trigger, checked. Cutting power tested. This weapon will help the battle both offensively and defensively.
Add to team
It's time to experiment the tactic we discussed last time, Commandant.
Set as leader
The preliminary enemy investigation and tactical analysis have been sent to your terminal, Commandant. Apologies for doing this without your consent, but I hope they can help.
Mission complete
Commandant, I hope the result will meet your expectations.
General greeting 1
Humans and Constructs only differ in their bodies. After stripping away all the shells, it is the individual will that really matters.
General greeting 2
There might be a more efficient way to execute this tactic... Commandant? When did you arrive? I was just going over an earlier mission.
General greeting 3
I have sent the battle report to your terminal, Commandant... Why the different style? I knew you could tell the difference. I asked Kamui to prepare this one, because I thought it was time for them to handle the non-battle works, so I could... Anyways, that's not important. May I hear your feedback on this report?
General greeting 4
...Commandant, you do not need to meet the expectation of others. Just move in the direction you believe in, and I will be there to assist you.
General greeting 5
Military simulation? I had a lot of that during my time in F.O.S., but never again since I became a Construct. Are you hoping to go through it with me? But I... Never mind, if that is your wish.
General greeting 6
Did Wanshi ask you to cover for him again? I'm sorry... No, there is no mission right now, and I have no intention to interfere with what he's doing here. I'm just worried that he may cause you inconvenience.
General greeting 7
The F.O.S. Military Command College, Chief... it's jogging my memories. It's okay, Commandant, I don't mind talking about the days when I was still a human. In fact, it's a pleasure talking to you... and discovering what we have in common.
General greeting 8
Hmm? Hairstyle? I have no particular preference. This just looks more presentable. I don't mind other styles if you would like to see them...
General greeting 9
What's this? No, it's not work-related, but a collection of Edgar's short stories. Are you also interested? Mind you that they aren't that type of relaxing stories... But I'd be delighted if you are willing to exchange your thoughts on them.
General greeting 10
Can I... call you by your name, if Constructs and humans can stand equal one day?
General greeting 11
When did you graduate from F.O.S.? Sorry, I was just a bit curious. You would be my senior if I was still a human... Or junior, maybe? Knowing that both of us used to learn in the same academy, those classrooms... meant something different to me.
General greeting 12
M.I.N.D. connection is such an amazing invention. Now there is one more person to share everything with me. I don't dislike this feeling at all... particularly when it's you.
General greeting 13
No matter how far I have to travel through darkness and storms, you are still the goal that I want to pursue, the light that lifts me up.
General greeting 14
All my glories are yours.
General greeting 15
I hope I can continue walking by your side in the future. For that... I will not hold back.
Affection up 1
Kamui may be rash at times, but he is actually very reliable. Give him room and you will be surprised by how much he can grow.
Affection up 2
Thank you very much.
Affection up 3
Does this tactic look familiar? Of course, you once played this move and it was fantastic. I have discovered another option that gives the members more flexibility. We can discuss it after this mission... Will that be an inconvenience?
Affection up 4
Did you prepare this just for me?
Affection up 5
I think the perfect 'Smith' does exist. However, he won't be following the path his father prepared, nor will he be a pretty shell crafted with vanity and falsehood. He will be the choices that I've made, and the final answer at the end of the road I pick... Do you think this answer is too arrogant?
Affection up 6
Is this to thank me for the last operation? But it's too valuable...
Affection up 7
Maybe I don't hate to become 'Smith' after all. It's just that 'Smith' now means something completely different to me, something I would never be able to find out without Strike Hawk and you.
Affection up 8
I'll make sure I give you something good in return.
Affection up 9
Commandant, you seem to be a good listener... I think that's a good quality, but if you have something you want to talk about, I'm always here for you as well.
Affection up 10
I wish I can see more of it... No, not the present, but the smile on your face. To me, that's more precious.
Affection up 11
I just want to keep watching over you, that's all.
Affection up 12
I can't keep accepting your favors like this. I... need to do something in return.
Affection up 13
I am no pilot; yet, wert thou as far as that vast shore wash'd with the farthest sea, I would adventure for such merchandise... My apologies. I don't know... how to describe my feelings.
Affection up 14
I want to give all the good things in this world to you.
Affection up 15
I thought "perfect creation" was but a false premise that could never exist, but you gave it a meaning. You showed me every answer that I was once seeking.
Affection up 16
I will be by your side, for now, and always.
Idle 1
That's not how good leaders treat their work, Commandant.
Idle 2
If there is no mission order, please allow me to return to my chores at Strike Hawk.
Idle 3
Don't let your guard down like this when I'm not around.
Idle 4
Commandant, Commandant? At least find a better spot to sleep. You'll get sick.
Idle 5
If I can just keep watching over you like this... No. Now is not the time for me to behave this way.
Extended connection 1
You have been working too long recently. You need to manage your time better.
Extended connection 2
How many times do I have to remind you the consequences of overexerting yourself?
Extended online time 3
You have been working long enough. You can't just keep going... Me? I'm a Construct, unlike you. Alright, time for you to take a break.
Extended online time 4
How can I make you take a rest that you really need?
Extended online time 5
You don't have to carry everything on your shoulders, so stop overexerting yourself... Take a break, I will stay with you.
Connection made 1
Chrome, awaiting orders.
Connection made 2
Too many things had happened since then... But war never changes.
Connection made 3
Here you are, Commandant. Please confirm the mission schedule. I have highlighted the sections with high priority.
Connection made 4
You look great today, Commandant.
Connection made 5
... Am I the first person you see today? N-nevermind. I'm ready.
Connection made 6
It's going to be a beautiful day.
Connection made 7
I used to see books as my only shelter. The ideas inside the text were my mentors, extraordinary yet reliable. The time I spent with them helped me to not lose myself, but books could never respond to me... Until now, I have you.
Connection made 8
Good day, Commandant. I... have been waiting for you.
Extended offline time 1
Welcome back. Give me a call next time you run into a difficult problem. I will try my best to help you.
Shake 1
Another unknown quake... Watch out, Commandant!
Shake 2
Is this also part of the training?
Shake 3
Can I think that you just did it on purpose?
Quick tap 1
Yes? What is it?
Quick tap 2
Um, please don't touch my ear. It feels weird...
Quick tap 3
Sometimes... I don't know how to respond to your action.
Activity at max
Ready anytime. I am at your command.
Battle starts
A war is often won within an instant.
Battle 1
Stay calm, and think.
Battle 2
I saw this coming.
Battle 3
Don't move out of my sight.
This will pave the path to victory!
Time for the backup plan.
Knocked out
I must get up... before it's too late...
Arrived at destination. Initiating support attacks.
I have found your weak spot.
Battle over
An excellent move, Commandant.
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