Selena: Tempest/Voice

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Debuts in the Echo Aria patch. · Rank: S-Rank · Class: Vanguard · Element: Physical (10%) Lightning (90%) 50%


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Judy Lee 柳知萧
Liu Zhi Xiao
Yi5 Yun6
Satomi Satou
Construct joins
Hello, my name is Se... Selena...
Level up
Frame upgrades... Do you think I still need them now?
Promote... Do you mean being the concertmaster?
No matter who I turned out to be, will you always regard me as Selena?
Improve skill
I can now play the music more proficiently.
Equip weapon
I'll use it to shield the tempest from you.
Add to team
I hope I can put on a perfect performance with all of you.
Set as leader
Shall I conduct this "opera"? As you wish.
Mission complete
The mission is as important as vocal coaching, and you must pay attention.
General greeting 1
I heard... a signal from the depths of the tempest.
General greeting 2
What's past is prologue—I don't remember the past very clearly.
General greeting 3
Please don't get too close to me. I can't control myself right now.
General greeting 4
Thank you for giving me shelter... This is enough. No—this... this is good.
General greeting 5
Don't murmur beside me, I can't bear... Oh, it was you...? Nothing. I just talk to myself sometimes.
General greeting 6
The sea roars, the wind sighs, the martyr cries... These sounds have been ringing in my ears ever since.
General greeting 7
Shall I compare thee to a Summers day?... Nothing, but a verse.
General greeting 8
Once I am connected to you, the sounds of storm and wind ringing in my ears stop suddenly.
General greeting 9
I had a long nightmare, wandering in solitude till I forgot what I was like at the beginning. Later I saw the light and followed it for quite a while, then I saw you.
General greeting 10
We are such stuff as dreams are made on; and our little life is rounded with a sleep... I'm worried that this peaceful time is just a dream. If this is just a dream, please let me sleep longer.
General greeting 11
If you had been around at that time, would I have had to endure such long suffering?
General greeting 12
May my song of prayer be a comfort to you as you cross the thorns.
General greeting 13
No matter what happens, I'll call your name a million times just like you call mine in the tempest.
General greeting 14
I want to continue listening to your breathing and heartbeats without M.I.N.D. connection... They are soft and peaceful, and make me pause briefly in the wild haze of M.I.N.D.
General greeting 15
I can't picture the world after the war is over. But I can see the smile in your face in that peaceful world. I guess it's all I've been fighting for so far.
Affection up 1
Thank you for your generosity.
Affection up 2
...Thank you?
Affection up 3
Please don't get too close to me. I may be a burden to you now.
Affection up 4
No need to gild the lily.
Affection up 5
Has the light on my chest got brighter? It must be your imagination...
Affection up 6
Thank you for your gift. I'll cherish it.
Affection up 7
You can get a little closer, just a little bit. It should be fine.
Affection up 8
Iris, what a beautiful name, just like the rainbow after a tempest. Thank you for giving me the rainbow.
Affection up 9
Like Ariel being rescued, because of you, I saw the light in my pain.
Affection up 10
Can you leave your hand on mine a little longer? Yes, I want to keep our fingers touching as long as possible.
Affection up 11
I will never let you suffer what I ever endured.
Affection up 12
Please give me a second. I'm afraid it won't calm me down if we connect right now.
Affection up 13
Would you be my Ferdinand? Or are you my Iris?
Affection up 14
If it's an iris, could you pin it to my sideburns? Yeah, above the hairband.
Affection up 15
The course of true love never did run smooth. I'm ready to face all the coming tempests with you.
Affection up 16
May I make one more request? Can you... hold me? Nothing, I just want to feel your warmth and listen to your heartbeat... They calm me down.
Idle 1
You can't fall asleep in such a place.
Idle 2
Go rest somewhere else. I'm playing the music here. It will bother you.
Idle 3
Are you asleep?... In that case, I guess you wouldn't notice if I nestle in your embrace for a while, right?
Idle 4
(Intimate breathing)
Idle 5
If only time could stop in this moment.
Extended connection 1
Extended connection 2
Were you thinking about something else as well?
Extended connection 3
Although I'd like to keep connecting with you like this, connecting my M.I.N.D. for a long time is a burden on your body.
Extended connection 4
If you're feeling a little tired, take a break, and I'll sing you a lullaby.
Extended connection 5
Come and rest on my lap. Well, just like this, quietly...
Connection made 1
It's not a good idea for you, as a human being, to keep visiting me.
Connection made 2
... Huh? Sorry, my mind was wandering just now.
Connection made 3
There you are. Well, I heard your footsteps.
Connection made 4
Once I see you, the tempest in my M.I.N.D. will calm down.
Connection made 5
The last iris has withered. Did you bring me a new one today?
Connection made 6
Yeah, there's a lot of noise, but I wouldn't mistake your voice.
Connection made 7
When I see you, I don't know why, my M.I.N.D. is stirring again.
Connection made 8
The iris is stunning today, please take a look at her.
Extended offline time 1
Conductor... where are you? I don't want to... be here alone...
Shake 1
My hair is messed up.
Shake 2
My skirt...
Shake 3
Ah—will you hold my hand?
Quick tap 1
Quick tap 2
...You can stay a little longer. It doesn't matter.
Quick tap 3
Put your hand here for a while, will you?
Activity at max
We have done enough for today, let's take a break. Here, have a cough drop. I don't need them any more, you can have it.
Battle starts
Adagio, andante, and start.
Battle 1
Overture begins.
Battle 2
It's time for the aria.
Battle 3
The quality of mercy is not strain'd.
I hereby present you a final coda.
Compared to what happened then, this level of threat...
Knocked out
If I don't stop the tempest now... Conductor will...
Do you mind playing the concerto grosso with me?
It's time for Rondo.
Battle over
A requiem for all the lives lost on the battlefield.
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