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Debuts in the Echo Aria patch. · Rank: S-Rank · Class: Vanguard · Element: Physical (10%) Lightning (90%) 50%



Once an opera singer and an artist, Selena was born in Babylonia and received aristocrat-style education. Her beautiful voice and musical talents once made her the most anticipated rising star in the World Government Association of Art in Babylonia.


Selena's current body is not made by Babylonia. Instead, it was a joint effort between the Red Tide and an "Agent." The Red Tide detected the Hetero-core shard inside her and almost reshaped her into a Hetero-Creature-like abomination, but thanks to her strong mind, she managed to end this process with self-destruction.


Selena suffered prolonged exposure to Hetero-core shard, and her body was restructured by the Red Tide. She seems to have established a special communication with the Punishing Virus by "listening" to its "voice," or imagery, to be precise. Selena can tell if the emotion contained within this "exotic song" is happy or sad, but cannot understand its detailed meanings.


Constructs are usually made to replicate their human bodies for M.I.N.D. stability, but Selena looks quite different as her M.I.N.D. was shut down for an extensive period and deteriorated significantly to a point that it could hardly keep her original personality. She has been reborn since, and her current body is one that fits her M.I.N.D. the best.


Selena's M.I.N.D. almost collapsed after her resurrection. An Ascendant helped to stabilize it before she regained control of her own body.


Mentally, Selena is still somewhat unstable. The past memories are like distant, unreal stories to her, only her pursuit of art and beauty remains unshaken. She is still gentle and kind, but sometimes others may notice a glimpse of solitude and depression.

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