Selena: Tempest/Secrets

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Debuts in the Echo Aria patch. · Rank: S-Rank · Class: Vanguard · Element: Physical (10%) Lightning (90%) 50%


Tempest's Secret 1

Proficient in multiple languages in order to recreate operas in their most classic form.

Tempest's Secret 2

While Ayla and her are both artists, she prefers more classic performance over Ayla's modern style. This often leads to "friendly" arguments.

Tempest's Secret 3

Unlike what most would have imagined, most of those arguments end up with Ayla giving in.

Tempest's Secret 4

Has mastered all classical instruments and can easily replace a symphony orchestra by herself. She's been challenging metal rock recently, and is interested in drums in particular.

Tempest's Secret 5

As an opera singer, Selena has great talent in both music and literature. Often writes sequels for classic works, but keeps them strictly to herself.

Tempest's Secret 6

She's a textbook classic and traditional lady with elegant manners. However, her imagination can be vibrant and wild, and she can easily get lost in thoughts in any occasion.

Tempest's Secret 7

Has a great voice and often likes to hum, but gets very embarrassed if others find her humming or mumbling to herself.

Tempest's Secret 8

Is very sensitive to sound and can tell who is around even with eyes closed. Ayla in particular.

Tempest's Secret 9

Has a habit of writing letters and can write beautiful cursive letters. Keeps a long-time pen pal whose identity is still unknown.

Tempest's Secret 10

Is also a great dancer. Can even master men's lead steps.

Tempest's Secret 11

Is very fond of flowers but doesn't keep them herself, for everything she tries to grow will end up withering.

Tempest's Secret 12

Is considered to be naive in some ways, as she can openly and seriously say extremely embarassing words while being total unaware of them. In fact, she doesn't think there is any problem at all.

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