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Debuts in the Imprisoned Sight patch. · Rank: S-Rank · Class: Tank · Element: Physical (20%) Ice (80%) 50%


Glory's Secret 1

Has chosen to use a weapon that accommodates the flexibility and mobility of his frame. Such weapons are extremely difficult to use, but he is very good at them.

Glory's Secret 2

Sometimes ignores the outside world when he spends too long lost in thought.

Glory's Secret 3

Has once prepared backup plans all the way from A to N.

Glory's Secret 4

Starts to notice things that are "outside the rules" more than he used to.

Glory's Secret 5

Still subconsciously shoulder all the problems and emergencies on himself, but is learning to seek opinions and help from those he can trust.

Glory's Secret 6

The "ear studs" are actually radar-amplifying devices. Was a bit concerned with their design in the beginning, but eventually decided to keep them after someone praised them greatly.

Glory's Secret 7

Has more faith in his team than in others, and prefers to let them grow instead of coaching them. Often worries about Kamui's recklessness, but also understands that Kamui has his reasons and guidelines.

Glory's Secret 8

is sometimes worries that his preaching may have a negative effect on team members. Once told Kamui about his concern, but only got more baffled after Kamui burst into laughter.

Glory's Secret 9

Apart from reading, he also enjoys other hobbies in leisure time like chess. Unfortunately, nobody in his squad could play with him, so he brought an electronic chess board and knocked on the Gray Raven Commandant's lounge once day after mission.

Glory's Secret 10

Has ever only lost to two people in chess.

Glory's Secret 11

Reads through the comments when browsing books in the database. Out of habit, he would remember those with similar opinions as himself, and pay extra attention to their reading preferences later on.

Glory's Secret 12

Has set a special ringtone for the special comms channel with the commandant of Gray Raven.

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Character List
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